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I was puzzled today – Examine had a huge burst of traffic today. Turns out Dr Oz did a story on “fat burners” One of them turned out to be a supplement we have a page on – Raspberry Ketones. It’s a surge of traffic.

Losing Fat is Easy

on Nov 29, 2011

It took me longer than it should have (and I’m 90% done), but I’m very cognizant of why it took as long as it did (I’d rather eat nachos with buddies on a Saturday night than not). It’s really a matter of physics. If you burn...

Google is your God

on Nov 1, 2011 in: Management

Aaron from SEO Book has been talking about this for a long time – Google has been slowly but methodically using its monopoly to destroy entire internet niches. I noticed the other day while searching for ‘what is my ip’ that Google...