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Reviews, views, and interviews on the genre people love to fear.

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Here's the tabloid herald for Shock Corridor. Lots of exploitation-sell, such as "shocking world of psychos and sex-maddened women exposed!" and "the snake-pit world revealed in all its outrages!" Now, of course, it sounds like just another day in po...

A powerful book, a powerful movie. (Comic book reader version: Download To Kill a Mockingbird Pressbook)...

I'll list Shock Corridor under non-horror but it terrified me when I first saw it on television in cathode ray tube black and white. So, yes, I was too young for it. But it still scares me. A journalist fakes insanity to go after a story. The story s...

Devilina No. 1, 1975

on Jan 12, 2017

Here's Devilina issue 1 from Atlas. I'll refrain from any "hot" jokes. The cover for this issue was flipped to grace the cover of Vampirella issue 111, and the artist, Pulojar, also used the rather sexy pose for Lassiter issue 21. Lots of devilish il...

An engaging read could be found in each issue of The House of Hammer (later changing titles to House of Horror then Halls of Horror) edited by Dez Skinn. With illustrated adaptations of Hammer movies such as Dracula and Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter,...

Here's my slightly waterlogged copy of Monsters of the Movies issue 8. Gives it a nice monsterkid patina, don't you think? Peter Cushing, Hammer, Amicus, Jonathan Frid, and the Seven Golden Vampires light up this issue. So jump in, the water is fine.

Here's the American lobby card for Chapter 8 of Republic's The Invisible Monster.

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