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Reviews, views, and interviews on the genre people love to fear.

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Spirit Halloween comes up with nifty tableaus to exhibit their life-size decorations in. For 2016, their Halloween milieu is the cursed hotel. Last year it was the cursed subway train. Here are some highlights.

Issue 19 of Castle of Frankenstein contains the usual reviews (including Hammer Horror) and interviews (with Ray Harryhausen and Douglas Trumbull). Social commentary (this is the 1970s) enters with CoF's best horror film of the year choice: Vietnames...

Here's a beautiful Monster in My Pocket Windingo Halloween costume to go trick or treating in. (Listed by eBay'r oldskooltoysandgames.) It's a shame the front of the box doesn't show as much graphic excitement as the sides.

Great box art, great costume design and vibrant colors make for a classically creepy witch for Halloween with this Halco costume. (eBay'r sly203 listed this one.)...

eBay'r bbermuda 1810 listed this cool 1960s Satellite Joe Collegeville Halloween costume suitable for any little sputnik aiming for the stars.

eBay'r theangryspider listed this Collegeville Spooky Spooks Skeleton. The only bone to pick I have with his photos is that he (or she) didn't unfold the vinyl skeleton suit, which looks like it has an awesome illustration we can't see. So that's a t...

Perhaps one of the more perennial Halloween costumes, the devil persona does bring out the naughty with style. And with a little retooling, it can also make a very effective Krampus for Christmas, too. (Listed by eBay seller daisy82.)...

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