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Reviews, views, and interviews on the genre people love to fear.

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Brian Lewis's cover art and John Bolton's Curse of the Werewolf highlight this issue. Comic reader version: Download House of Hammer 10...

Here's the movie herald for Danger: Diabolik.

Even though Bela Lugosi appears in this small effort with the Ritz Brothers, he's nowhere to be seen on this Mexican lobby card for The Gorilla. Not even Lionel Atwill, who also appears, shows up here.

Here's the Mexican lobby card for The Devil's Rain. You can see the pressbook here. I can best sum it up by saying a lot of people melt at the end. So either fast forward or plan on spending little quality time until the end. Great poster art, though...

Still need to watch this one. Here's the Mexican lobby card for The House in Nightmare Park. It simply pulls illustrations, albeit wonderful ones, from the poster art for the movie. You can see the pressbook here.

If only this cheerless movie could have been a "wasn't" we'd be all the better for it. No magic, no wonder, and no fun whatsoever. Dreary sums it up. Fruitcake has more going for it. Comic reader version: Download Christmas That Almost Pressbook...

Mayhem (2017)

on Nov 11, 2017

Zombos Says: Very Good Director Joe Lynch and writer Matias Caruso deliver a slick and acerbic paycheck of an office-bound slaughterfest with Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead, Voltron) and Samara Weaving (Ash vs Evil Dead, Three Billboards Outside Ebbin...

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