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Reviews, views, and interviews on the genre people love to fear.

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There's nothing like a bloody movie marathon to spend the night with. Just stick this one in a Times Square theater circa 1970s and the milieu would be perfect. Comic reader version: Download Carnival of Blood Pressbook...

Wikipedia has a very good write up on this wartime B movie. The East Side Kids tangled with Bela Lugosi in Spooks Run Wild, and Bela also tangled with the Black Dragon saboteurs in his movie, Black Dragons. Comic reader version: Download Let's Get To...

So bad it's fun. Here's the pressbook. I recall seeing this in the theater on its first run. I was a kid, but even then I realized how awful this was. Check my take on its silliness in Silly Monsters in Silly Movies.

Jungle Jim (Johnny Weissmuller) continues his adventures in this second entry in the movie series from Columbia Pictures. Once again, white natives living in a secret city in Africa need protection from exploiters (a plot premise reused in too many J...

Bela Lugosi plays a doctor who transforms Japanese agents to look like important Americans, who are then murdered and replaced by their Japanese impostors. Imprisoned, he escapes and takes his revenge. If you're an Outer Limits fan, this plot device...

I don't know about you, but every time I watch a bug movie I start itching a lot and constantly glance around me, imagining creepy crawlies eyeing me with longing. Earth vs the Spider has a preposterous premise--a large arachnid "killed" by DDT is th...

Yabu no Naka no Kuroneko (A Black Cat in a Bamboo Grove) is a ghostly horror story. This Mexican lobby card captures that atmosphere rather well.

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