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Reviews, views, and interviews on the genre people love to fear.

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Here's the Spanish pressbook for Forbidden Planet. Download Forbidden Planet Spanish Pressbook (comic reader version).

A large pressbook for a classic movie, The Time Machine, is packed with promotional material. From the Coppertone suntanning lotion tie-up, the coloring contest mat, a 40x60 display poster on heavy board, Dell comic book, record tie-in, and Yvette Mi...

The Danish Programs can be pretty small: 4.5 x 6 inches, but wonderfully collectible because of that, along with their often eye-catching covers. Here's the one for The Beast with Five Fingers starring Peter Lorre.

Great smaller-sized Mexican lobby card for The Empire of Dracula, although a bit confusing for die hard fans as it mixes up a few movies through its illustration and sub-title. The Dracula in the illustration looks like German Robles (El Vampiro, The...

Here is the Belgian pressbook for 13 Ghosts (1960). Foreign pressbooks are always so concise (although I've not see any Bollywood ones in-depth, yet, so I may be overstating here). this pressbook is one sheet, folded to create four letter-sized pages...

Here's the Belgian pressbook for Terror of the Tongs. The striking cover, with its perfect use of white highlights, caught my eye. Christopher Lee didn't play Fu Manchu here, that would follow in 1965 with The Face of Fu Manchu.

Zombos says: Very Good A natural follow up to his book, The Art of Horror, Stephen Jones once again provides eye-candy galore in The Art of Horror Movies. As an illustrated history, it is geared to the neophyte, although older horror fans will love t...

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