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Reviews, views, and interviews on the genre people love to fear.

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After Forbidden Planet, MGM needed another film to make use of Robby the Robot to help balance their books. That's where The Invisible Boy comes into the picture. It's an odd mix of science fiction and kid-fare, so the script is very 1950s. But delve...

House of Terror, with Lon Chaney Jr. and comedian Tin Tan, involves a wax museum, a mummy that changes into a werewolf when the full moon rises, and a mad doctor of course.

A striking Mexican lobby card for The Mugger with James Franciscus and Kent Smith.

You haven't seen film noir until you've seen Gun Crazy. This Mexican lobby card captures the explosive movie through color and framing. The expressions on husband and wife in the illustration say it all.

It's not one, not two, but three fantastic supermen in this Italian movie. And there were sequels, taking our superheroes around the world. Though, with those utility belts, they looked more like Batman than Superman.

Michael Curtiz (Casablanca) directs Boris Karloff in The Walking Dead.

Sherlock Holmes kept his cigars in a coal-scuttle. I'm not sure where he kept his cigarettes. When a problem vexed him, though, he would usually reach for his pipe, usually the oily black clay one, puffing away three pipe-fulls before the solution wo...

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