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Bla Bla Bla

on Apr 8, 2015

cyanide and happiness 4/8/15I love this!But honestly folks, and I'm talking to the 11 people who have read the last weeks worth of posts, the well is running dry. You could probably be forgiven for thinking I just disappeared again, but I have actual...

Derp de Derpy Doo

on Apr 2, 2015

KC GreenDid anybody else play the hell out of Diddy Kong Racing on the Nintendo 64?  Holy crap Wonderpig was a horribly difficult boss to beat.  That is until you figured out one of the most rediculous design choices/bugs (not sure if it wa...

Chainsaw Suit 3/31/15Time to start a petition to change the name of April Fools to Everybody Can Be Dicks and get Away With It day.  I love a good prank as much as the next Triggerhappy TV fan but when you make it official then you get all the i...

The Nib? WTF is that?

on Mar 31, 2015

So some of my favorite content creators have started posting comics to The Nib and honestly I'm really confused.  The about page doesn't help illuminate anything for me, but after doing some more digging it looks like it's a site that is using a...

More KC Greening

on Mar 26, 2015

Wooooiiiiieeee I just finished going through KC's backlog of posts on this Midnite Surprise site and found even more posts I really like and wanted to share!The  Professor Layton games have been some of my favorite times on Nintendo systems in r...

Wernsday Werb Cormics

on Mar 25, 2015

saturday morning breakfast cereal 3/24/15LOL Marriage!  Seriously folks dont fight about money, just talk it out calmly and everything will be OK.Medium Large 3/24/15Lets go back to saying "thank you", "you're welcome" "f*ck off" like they did i...

KC Green woot woot

on Mar 23, 2015

Not a lot of good web comics lately so I've been digging back through some of KC Green's website where he posts his sketches and one-offs.  I love these little green dudes.