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A coveted list of this season's most desired goodies and fashion trends!

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Yes, you could bronze them! Who knows how they would look at that point! To buy or not that is the question! Hmmm, what would this blogger do???????

They are absolutely adorable! I agree with your post that they certainly are indulgent for such a short window of wear....Although you could bronze them!!!!!!!!

Love this post! Not only did I learn about these cool cat eye glasses, but Hollywood history as well. Thank you AFGG for making me fashionable and smart!

I'd wear those Nike sneakers...

I bought the pineapple ones! Ha ha!!!!

Fashion or foolish...depends on the person. I have enough chutzpah to wear them all...depends on the time of day, the completion of the "Look" and the occasion....Not a big seller in OMAHA but definetly Miami, La, and NYC....THen there is Dub...

Sunglasses that have a sense of humor and style. Love the looks...