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A coveted list of this season's most desired goodies and fashion trends!

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It's your time to get a pair!

Adorable sneakers! I can attest to the fact that they are your everyday footwear and even with all your broken toes you were so comfy in them. They look fabulous too!

Hilarious "retell"of an incredible experience! Although these waders may be fashion forward for a fly fisherman, I don't think this would be my "go-to" outfit! But..they were.totally waterproof...even though we were up to our thi...

LOVE the black Prada bag with the flowers!

The Best time ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When can we do it again????? xoxoxo...

Yes, you could bronze them! Who knows how they would look at that point! To buy or not that is the question! Hmmm, what would this blogger do???????

They are absolutely adorable! I agree with your post that they certainly are indulgent for such a short window of wear....Although you could bronze them!!!!!!!!