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This is my spot in the universe to bookmark everything I find interesting, fun, recycled, unusual, quilted, papered and painted. If it makes my eyes wobble around in delight, it makes it on to this blog.

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I hate when we lose coworkers but we have this fun tradition of making them a departing gift of a Hutch Magazine cover. Here are just a few I have made lately. Saying good bye is a hard thing to do!

My brotherly loss

on Jun 16, 2018 in: personal

My brother died on May 31 in Corpus Christi, at the age of 50. It is not the phone call I wanted to get but one that I had been expecting for a couple years. Today, is the first quiet, alone day I have had in the house to really be sad about his life...


For the very first time since last November, I turned off the news. In disgust.No longer able to listen to the bullshit coming out of trump's white house and mouth. In the quiet, I listened to the birds. Watched our new cat, Finn, play in a paper...

Observing Earth

on May 26, 2018

Observing the Earth archives  Earth observation image of the week  EMILY BLINCOE photography...

My sister, Susan, came to visit! It was emotional from the first second of seeing her. She looks so much like "mom" and that was a little jolting. Her fun, sweet outlook of life, much like mom. Her hair, her smile, her eyes, her love of jewelry,...

Olaf Hajek

on May 25, 2018 in: art

I love Olaf's work! His website, his Instagram.   ...