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This is my spot in the universe to bookmark everything I find interesting, fun, recycled, unusual, quilted, papered and painted. If it makes my eyes wobble around in delight, it makes it on to this blog.

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Conquer your drawers

on Dec 5, 2023 in: art, personal

So, we are flooding in the basement. Well, the be fair, all of PNW is flooding. I live in Snohomish County. Matt has stayed home to  clean up but that is okay because they had a rain-out in their construction job. I don't mind rain, but I hate i...

I have a little stomach ailment the last couple of days. Could be the chaos ... but who knows. I have been watching Christmas Romance movies on YouTube ... I am guessing Lifetime or Hallmark? Each one has that handsome man, widowed; a profession...

Beautiful creatures

on Nov 30, 2023 in: art, sculpture

Amusing Wooden Animal Sculptures by Hugo Horita and Instagram...

The transistion

on Nov 29, 2023 in: art, personal

Not sure what day we are on in our transition. It all goes pretty fast. Kids just left for school. I guess they will be moving back to this school district. All the dogs have been out. I have fed Pixie ... protecting her food from the other dogs whil...

Doesn't John Kennedy remind you of Mr. Hanney on Green Acres?   ...

Back to the future

on Nov 26, 2023 in: art, personal

Well, the dogs are moved in, the cats came last night. Let chaos begin. We are back to opening the back door many, many times a day. But many of the cats can't go outside so we have to watch every time we open the door. The girls are screaming a...

Lady Lavery

on Nov 24, 2023 in: history

Hazel, Lady Lavery (1886–1935, née Hazel Martyn) was a painter and the second wife of the celebrated portrait artist Sir John Lavery. Born in Chicago, she married her first husband, Edward Trudeau, a physician, in 1903. He died the following year.