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A gay man's search for God in the pleasure and pain of everyday life.

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the long kiss goodbye

on Jun 18, 2015

This personality, this form is but a costume Consciousness wears and plays with in this divine theater production the mind calls life. I'm not dismissing or discounting our human experience or denying life's ups and downs, humanity's suffering and fe...

giving up the ghost

on Jun 15, 2015

Life doesn't always afford us the opportunity for closure. So when it does, I like to take advantage. Is it necessary? No. Does life carry on whether or not we get the chance to say our goodbyes? It certainly does. But I've noticed that when changes...

in you as you

on Aug 17, 2014

You contain the Divine.You house Divinity.Your ultimate, intimate core nature is God Itself.Don't just mill that over in your mind.Sit with it. Feel it in your cells.Feel the vastness that permeates those cells.Notice what is aware of that vastn...

the wisest of favors

on Apr 11, 2014

We've never met, but I'm writing this for you: for all you tellers of stories and weavers of webs out there, my fellow human beings. In particular, for those of you who may have gotten lost - in your own creations, in your own well-practiced, self-de...

thank you, life

on Aug 14, 2013

In a few short hours from now, I'll have been on this planet for exactly 32 years - plus womb time, I guess. It's been a pleasure, I have to say. Not that there haven't been nightmarish patches, but oh, my god, what a sweet, sweet dream it's been for...

If ever there were a post written by, or on my ego's behalf, this is it. (And yes, they all are to one degree or another - that's a human being for you.)But ever since posting about my time with Ambrose, I've felt naggingly compelled to explain, just...

some pseudo-haiku vii

on Jul 2, 2013

i.Facing greatest fearAnd being greeted by Love:Miraculous shitii.Summertime, life here -Birds, cicadas, flowers sing -Light, in full effectiii.No more at peace - orFound or Better than before -Still...I wash ashoreiv.Cool spray of waterMists in the...