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A Survivor's Tale

on Jul 17, 2014

NEW RELEASE!Authored by Dave Hoing By the mid-twenty-first century time travel had become possible via energy "umbilicals" that tie oneera to another. However, due to social factors and ove...

Beyond Infinite Healing

on Jul 17, 2014 in: HEALING

NEW RELEASE!The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons Authored by D.H. Parsons, Elise Brion Beyond Infinite Healing is the third volume in the non-fiction series The Diary...

Desperate Voyage

on Jul 11, 2014

NEW RELEASE! Authored by Paul J. Stam The weather is good, the ocean is beautiful, and the ship traveling from South Africa toArgentina is fast enough to outrun any submarine. But it's...


on Jun 19, 2014

NEW RELEASE!Authored by Kal Wagenheim "In the four narratives that make up 'School For Lovers & Other Tales' Kal Wagenheim has adroitly and entertainingly managed to give us lessons...

NEW RELEASE!Authored by Grace Peterson The gardening lexicon is crowded with books describing how to garden. In these twenty-nine short chapters, Grace Peterson captures the essence of wh...

Another Stone to Carry

on Mar 22, 2014

In the small Midwestern town of Bear River, soft-spoken, shy, Kassandra Hayes lives a very sheltered life governed by the church and her goal to become a missionary. Things drastically change when she is sexually assaulted and her life begins spin...

Nine Lives

on Mar 22, 2014

Authored by Tom Gumbert, April Kautzman "Have you ever looked at a shooting star and wondered where it came from, how far it has traveled, and how much farther it has yet to go before its...