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When Nevada residents face serious injuries caused by other people's negligence, they likely need someone who can stand by their sides, fight for their rights, and help them get the compensation they deserve for their suffering.

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At this early point in both the vaping trend, and in the advent of the COVID-19, most experts well tell you it’s too early to tell if a statistical correlation exists between the two. However, COVID-19 is fundamentally a respiratory illness, so it...

Dear Clients and Friends, In times of uncertainty, it’s common to look for a sense of reassurance and sources of strength. The Richard Harris Law Firm and its Law Tigers, The Defenders and Ticket Busters divisions help you deal with the risks of ev...

The scenario of being hit by an uninsured driver is not that uncommon. It’s estimated that roughly 13% of drivers nationwide are driving without insurance. In Nevada it’s about 10%, so you have a one in ten chance that the driver who causes a...

As of March 12, 2020, Nevada is now under a state declared Emergency in response to the Corona Virus pandemic. This state of emergency is an attempt to slow the spread of Corona Virus by limiting face to face personal contact, and includes language w...

If you’re visiting Las Vegas or elsewhere for business or pleasure, you may decide to rent a car to get around during your stay. If you get in an accident in a rental car, you may find that the rental vehicle adds a level of difficulty to the accid...

When you’ve been in an accident which caused injuries, your life gets more complicated. Not only do you have the regular daily issues to deal with, but now have an extra level of distraction with the treatment and therapy needed for your recovery.

Historically, governments around the world claim the right to control entry into their sovereign territory, and under what conditions, and how long and for what purposes foreign visitors may stay. In the United States, this right is solely the domain...

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