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Summertime in the Bay Area is in full swing, and nothing like a nice warm summer evening to kick it with other Datsun heads at the Bay Area Datsun Kick-back! Unfortunately, i won’t be able to make it, but if you’re available this evening,...

My side view mirrors were in sad shape: loosing its ability to hold position, even after being tightened, so I ventured to eBay for some new ones. One thing I wanted to keep in mind was using any existing holes in the 280z from the previous side view...

There’ll be a local Datsun swap meet in San Jose! (finally!) Who: all Datsuns & Japanese cars Where: 2455 Masonic Dr, San Jose, CA When: 7/20/14 It’s been a while since i’ve been to a show / swap meet, so this’ll be fun.

Roaming on youtube the other day, and ran into this Datsun 240z video by Petrolicious. Just a nice short shot of a beautiful car, enthusiast’s words, and of course well-done cinematics. Enjoy!

Squeaky clutch…

on Jun 16, 2014 in: Interior

…meet your greasy doom. That is, if i can get to you. For over a year now, my clutch pedal has been squeaking and squawking every now and again, just asking to be oiled, greased, lubed. And oh i have before, trust me.. I’d get on a latex...

My buddy Nick sent this over while he as in town. A 911 owner himself, he was still excited to tell me all the aspects he liked about this gold / champagne ’75/’76 Datsun 280z he zpotted in the parking lot. Check it out – super clea...

It passes. This is me reporting to you (semi) live from SmogTech in San Jose.. The Daily Datsun’s 1977 280z passes CA smog emission tests! :) More on the rest of the story later.. Sorry, it’s been a while.

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