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From my daily check on Craigslist:    Datsun Car Show + Swap Meet 10/25/15 from 8am to 4pm  Doors open at 6am for vendors to set up 2455 Masonic Dr San Jose CA – $5 entrance fee (per car) – $15 selling fee – Food and...

When you’re cruisin’ around in a S30 Z, you’re definitely bound to get looks. And when you park, conversations. Amongst it all, one of the most common remarks goes something like, ‘I used have one of those! Should’ve nev...

Zpotted: SoCal seafoam

on Sep 18, 2015

zippin around SoCal a while back [actually a year ago – i just found this in the drafts folder!], rippin up the freeway was this seafoam Z. keep it rollin’!

 Check it! My parents and I just came back from a Mexico cruise and lo’and behold – we zpotted a Datsun 210 wagon sleeper! Shift light, dash mounted tach, durable rubber wrapped around slotted mags, and real dual exhaust all point to...

“what ever happened to the Datsun? Still driving the Z? Hey! You never told me you sold it?!” The 280z is still alive and well. Unfortunately work has been bit super busy these past few months – gotta make $ to spend $ (for the Z),...

Every now and again, i jump in the car to fire it up only to find it won’t start. No ‘click’, no turn over. Baaaahhhh now what is it?! After a few times of this happening over the years, I eventually figured out it was the flaky con...

Behold this silver chariot! Summer drives along the coast must be ammmazing with this little guy: the Datsun 2000 roadster!     I had a financial education seminar in Santa Clara the other day, and spotted this just in the parking lot,...

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