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Finally, the bar goes on! Earlier this year, I ordered up a front strut tower bar (also known as a tower bar or strut bar) from Amazon – it was cheaper than the rest. But after nearly 8 months, it finally gets installed! It’s a quick and...

Zpotted: 240z…in MA!

on Nov 14, 2015

Now THERE’S two words hardly found in the same sentence! Rarely does a Datsun model meet a Northeast state! This one is definitely a survivor from another state, and none of the typical rust showing in the dogleg panels. I love hidden gems like...


on Oct 13, 2015

Anyone heard of the 240ZL? I’ve heard of the ZG (g-nose racer), and the 432 (4 valves, 3 carbs, 2 camshafts), but a ZL? Interesting! Here’s a short clip of the rare model, it’s owner, and just dreamy shots of it along the CA coast.

Zpotted: Undercover Z

on Oct 4, 2015

 We know that shape anywhere…   My mom and I were checking out houses in the neighborhood, and I did a triple take. She was like, “what are you looking at?!” Z’s can’t hide from us! Zoom in and you can lines fo...

From my daily check on Craigslist:    Datsun Car Show + Swap Meet 10/25/15 from 8am to 4pm  Doors open at 6am for vendors to set up 2455 Masonic Dr San Jose CA – $5 entrance fee (per car) – $15 selling fee – Food and...

When you’re cruisin’ around in a S30 Z, you’re definitely bound to get looks. And when you park, conversations. Amongst it all, one of the most common remarks goes something like, ‘I used have one of those! Should’ve nev...

Zpotted: SoCal seafoam

on Sep 18, 2015

zippin around SoCal a while back [actually a year ago – i just found this in the drafts folder!], rippin up the freeway was this seafoam Z. keep it rollin’!

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