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Upcoming Plans!

on Oct 27, 2017

Since my parents were out and helped clean up the Z from it’s long slumber, I’ve been roaring around in it and really goes through the paces. But I’m not gunning it like a hooligan – I’m finally wanting the 280z to be...

Zpotted this 280z the other morning on the my side of San Jose: Yep – i’m in the Corvair! Probably thought i was weird taking pics of his car. Geez dude – just a 280z.

If yer in the mood for a Sunday drive…...

Here’s an interesting story: I spotted a 240z while flagging down a Corvair 95! This guy was hummin’ along well over the speed limit in his blue Corvair 95 van, wheels tipped in – really punchin’ it! Lol looking at the picture...

Zpotted: Orange 240z

on Oct 10, 2017

Now I KNOW we’re living in the right neighborhood! Just a street down from my house I spot… What an example of a classic Datsun 240z! One of these days, I’ll head over there and we’ll get a chance to know more about this guy!

From the Bay Area Datsun Z Facebook community, I met Hector, owner of a 1972 240z! What a great guy, and he really needed Z flares. I just happen to have them! Actually, I had them for quite awhile, initially thinking they’d be on the 280z, but...

Saw these guys doggin’ left and right on 280 in a 280z! Total daily driver on classic centerline-type wheels and wheel spacers (must be!) – well loved and well used! You should’ve seen these two guys – absolutely having a blas...

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