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Photo Credit I’m definitely not your typical fashion-loving blogger. I don’t usually read Vogue or Elle unless I’m in a waiting room or I have a long train journey and need something light (at [...]...

Pancake Day!

on Feb 19, 2012 in: Food, Life

Photo Credit Tomorrow is one of my favourite days of the year, and I only realised yesterday, that’s the trouble with Easter falling at a different time each year! Although I eat pancakes all year round [...]...

I shouldn’t really be surprised that barely going out (due to a lack of funds) has left me with something of a dearth of things to blog about, however I didn’t realise I’d left it quite as long as I had! [...]...

Welcome, 2012!

on Dec 30, 2011 in: Life

Photo Credit Last year I made some wishes for 2011, instead of New Years Resolutions. I wasn’t particularly successful, I must admit. I have therefore decided to start 2012 with [...]...

‘Twas the Season

on Dec 29, 2011 in: Life

Photo Credit I hope you all had an absolutely fabulous Christmas and are looking forward to a sparkling New Year! The Boy and I spent our first Christmas alone as a couple, so it was a [...]...

Choi Time Tea Review

on Dec 28, 2011 in: Life, Reviews, review

Firstly I must apologise, as this review is a little late since I’ve been suffering from a bad chest infection and been totally unable to concentrate long enough to blog. I must say however, that the amazing...

This week, I love: * Job interviews – OK, so I don’t actually love the interviews themselves, in fact, they make me crazy with nerves, but they signify that things are looking up on the job-hunting front!