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Retro Chick helps you discover your own personal style by finding the best in affordable, vintage, and ethical fashion and making it work everyday. Looking at seasonal trends, fashion & lifestyle events and issues that affect the way we live our lives

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This Week I….

on Apr 5, 2020

Hi there, how are you all coping this week? This week has been better than last week, however I foolishly spent some time on Facebook before I started writing this and now I’m feeling pretty anxious so that was evidently a bad idea. This aftern...

This Week I…..

on Mar 29, 2020

Well, things are certainly moving on a pace aren’t they? Today I have been out for my daily exercise, a 10k run. It snowed, but now the sun is shining through my window, thanks world. For the rest of the day I plan to be kind to myself, because...

This Week I….

on Mar 22, 2020

Well, last week the apocalypse was impending. This week I think we can say it has arrived, though there are some people who haven’t quite realised it yet. 10 days ago I wrote a post on how to keep safe in the gym, 5 days after that I stopped going...

This is a sponsored post that was mostly written about a week ago, considering how much more important exercising outside and staying healthy is right now, I figured it’s as relevant as ever. But first, I’ll start with a bit of my back st...

This Week I….

on Mar 15, 2020

Well, it’s been an interesting week. It started quite innocently and has ended in an impending apocalypse. I have been in the gym this morning, albeit with far more hand sanitizer and wipes than normal, and I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon...

I have been asked this question myself by clients, and I’ve seen other people asking for advice on Social Media. So I thought I’d share some of my own thoughts and tips on staying fit and healthy, in more ways than one, in the midst of a...

This Week I….

on Mar 8, 2020

Hi there! How’s things? This week I had PLANZ. They had a Z and capitals so they were very important. Then I got sent some unexpected work from a client and did none of them, which is why there’s been no blog post for a week or so apart from thes...