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Retro Chick helps you discover your own personal style by finding the best in affordable, vintage, and ethical fashion and making it work everyday. Looking at seasonal trends, fashion & lifestyle events and issues that affect the way we live our lives

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This Fortnight I…..

on Mar 17, 2019

Hi there! It’s actually been a couple of weeks since I checked in on a Sunday. The first week it was because literally the only thing worth mentioning that happened was I went for lunch in the park and SAT OUTSIDE because of an unseasonal heatw...

This Week I….

on Feb 24, 2019

Well, this weeks tales from my exciting life could be very dull for those of you who are visually oriented, because It turns out I only took 3 photos this week, and one of them Mr LLL actually took, and one of the other two is of a cup of coffee. So...

This Week I……

on Feb 17, 2019

Hi there! How are you today? I am really loving the current feeling of spring in the air. The days are getting noticeably longer and it’s far too warm for my big chunky dog walking coat, and these are very good things. It’ll probably snow...

This Week I…..

on Feb 10, 2019

How is that despite containing at least 3 fewer days, February seems to manage to seem just as long as January was. It’s cold, damp and grey and I’m longing for Spring. I am, however, slightly heartened by those little hints that Spring i...

Well hello! Happy Sunday and welcome to February, the month we all know that 2019 REALLY begins after the half way buffer zone that is January while we all readjust to real life. I didn’t write one of these updates last week because I was trave...

This Week I…..

on Jan 20, 2019

Good afternoon folks! I hope you’re all having lovely Sundays? I’m heading off to the cinema in a bit to finally watch The Crimes of Grindelwald. But before that I thought I’d stop in and update you on a week that’s been both...

This Week I…..

on Jan 13, 2019

Happy Sunday! How are you all? I am low level stressed today as I have my Personal Trainer exam tomorrow, which means a Sunday spent revising 50 billion(ok, 50) different muscles and what bones they attach to and what they, y’know, actually DO...