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Retro Chick helps you discover your own personal style by finding the best in affordable, vintage, and ethical fashion and making it work everyday. Looking at seasonal trends, fashion & lifestyle events and issues that affect the way we live our lives

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This Week I…

on Nov 22, 2020

Well, here we are again. Sunday afternoon in that transition between autumn and winter when the trees are golden and the air is cold and crisp. It’s quite nice, unless you have to stand out in it all morning, and now your face is all red and windsw...

This Week I….

on Nov 15, 2020

Well, it’s raining, again. I thought for a moment we might have a few more lovely bright crisp autumn days, but apparently we’re going straight from boiling hot to soggy and rainy, and then apparently into winter cold. Ah well. This weekends horr...

This Week I….

on Nov 8, 2020

Hi there, how has your first week back in lockdown lite been? I hope you’re holding it together and the cancellation of all fun hasn’t got you down too much. Today I shall be doing what I do most Sunday afternoons and sitting under a blanket with...

This Week I….

on Nov 1, 2020

Hey there. Well, we’re back on the eve of lockdown mk II. A lockdown I think we all think is at least 2 weeks overdue, if not longer. I think they were just hanging on so they could make sure we had to cancel our second holiday this year as we had...

This Week I…..

on Oct 25, 2020

Happy Sunday afternoon! The sun is shining for once and it’s one of those crisp autumnal days that I was hoping we were going to have before it started raining constantly. So naturally I am wasting it watching Netflix from under a blanket. But befo...

This Week I…..

on Oct 18, 2020

Hey! I’m late today, but that’s because after I finished work I had some lunch and then had a sudden urge to turn the chunks of old wax I’d been keeping for a year into candles. I thought it would be quick, but that was an hour and a half ago.

This Week I….

on Oct 11, 2020

Welcome back! If you’re still checking in each week then well done you, but don’t you have something better to do? Honestly post lockdown life has mostly settled into a pretty dull routine in which most of the exciting and fun stuff is cancelled,...