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Retro Chick helps you discover your own personal style by finding the best in affordable, vintage, and ethical fashion and making it work everyday. Looking at seasonal trends, fashion & lifestyle events and issues that affect the way we live our lives

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This Week I…..

on Sep 16, 2018

Hi! Currently I’m finishing this post off on my phone, sat in the middle of a sports hall with 2 Roller Derby games going on around me. Yesterday the Norfolk Brawds beat London Batter C Power to win promotion to Tier 1 next season. Later on tod...

This Week I…..

on Sep 9, 2018

Hello! How are you all today? I hope you’re enjoying this fresh Autumnal weather as much as I am, I’ve never been so pleased to get rid of a hot and sticky Summer. As of now I have no plans for the rest of my Sunday, so I expect I will co...

This Fortnight I…..

on Sep 2, 2018

Well, hey there. Happy Sunday! You may have noticed last week there was no “This Week I…” or maybe you didn’t. Either way, the reason was that I was away camping and I had a brief go at writing on my phone, but the connection...

Next year I turn 40. I’m finding it vaguely worrying, and I wasn’t sure why. I was 33 when I started running, I didn’t discover Roller Derby till I was 35, and now, approaching 40, I’m noticing that I’m a lot older than...

This Week I….

on Aug 20, 2018

Gasp! A This Week I on a Monday! The reason for posting this today is that yesterday I had to get up at 5:30 am and then didn’t get home till 7:30pm as I was doing possibly the only interesting thing that actually happened to me last week. Norm...

August Favourites

on Aug 14, 2018

Hi there, how is August treating you? I’m liking it a lot better than July so far, mostly because it’s been cooler. But enough about me, lets move on.  This month I’ve been sent a few nice things to try, and I’ve also splash...

This Week I….

on Aug 12, 2018

Hello! How is it Sunday already? Doesn’t time just fly by? I hope you have a nice day planned. We had intended to do a Boot Fair this morning, but the BBC weather app promised us it was DEFINITELY going to rain ALL DAY today. So instead we deci...