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Retro Chick helps you discover your own personal style by finding the best in affordable, vintage, and ethical fashion and making it work everyday. Looking at seasonal trends, fashion & lifestyle events and issues that affect the way we live our lives

Latest Blog Posts’s no point having Cocktails without all the stuff that goes with it. I am mildly obsessed with cocktail paraphernalia and barware. I pick...

Lets Talk About Food

on Jun 22, 2017, let’s talk about food, because if there’s one thing I’ve realised over the last few years it’s that our relationship with it is REALLY f*cked up. Like really. And I’ve fallen for it mass... don’t know if you noticed, but it’s kinda warm. In attempts to cool down I have been sleeping with ice packs in my pillow case, keeping all the curtains closed, and generally skulking...

This Week I….

on Jun 18, 2017 Hi there! Happy Sunday morning again. Except when I write this it’s actually Saturday afternoon, because on Sunday morning I will be focusing very hard on being an Aflete as once again I am spendi..., obviously I’ve been fantasy shopping for summer playsuits now. Now I have rediscovered the forgotten playsuit I have acquired a taste for them and have spent the last 2 days hunting down others I...

The Forgotten Playsuit

on Jun 14, 2017’ve called this post the forgotten playsuit, but it wasn’t really forgotten. More the neglected playsuit. I’ve had this for years. I think it actually came c/o of George@Asda back in the... are lovely, right? They’re even lovelier when you mix them with booze. An alcoholic milkshake is a lovely grown up treat. You could have one instead of dessert, or just as...