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One thing missing from Here Maps is a full screen control, but fortunately it’s possible to add your own custom controls to the map. This isn’t brilliantly documented but a support person from Here Maps was able to help me out with an example. Th...

The server is still churning through the data for the England and Wales house price data for June 2018 but the top-level data is there. Annual inflation has dropped a little, but not enough to warrant any excitement.

The insane new pricing for the Google Maps API with a $200 per month credit leads to an odd situation. For anyone using less than $200 a month, Google Maps is probably the best option (although other map providers also generally have some kind of fre...

The Land Registry data for May 2018 is now on my website. House prices continue to fail to do anything exciting, continuing their slow ascent upwards.

A reply to Google Maps

on Jun 26, 2018

I received an email from Google Maps with a subject line of ‘Action needed: Contact Google Maps Platform for volume pricing’, as follows. I thought I’d translate it and reply since it came from a no-reply email address.Hi,We are following up on...

I’m sure I’m not the only person who will be hit hard by the huge increase in the cost of Google Maps. I’ve been using Google Maps for years on my site and it’s been absolutely brilliant. But my monthly costs will increase from a couple of hu...

A while back I received an email from Google Maps telling me they were introducing new pricing, but the email included the line “Based on your project usage over the last 3 months and our new pricing plan, we estimate that your new cost will be les...

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