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I’ve uploaded the UK station usage data for 2016 to my site. I’ve also made a few minor tweaks to the layout which hopefully make the data more useful...

I’ve uploaded the latest house price data from the Land Registry for England and Wales to my website. I’ve also made some changes to the way annual changes are calculated. This means the annual change figure is much less volatile, but it does mea...

I’ve uploaded the latest postcode data from the ONS to my website. I’ve run my usual checks and it seems to be OK, but as ever let me know if something seems amiss...

I’ve uploaded the October 2016 Land Registry house price data to my website. Prices are just about managing to maintain a positive annual increase. Although houses are continuing their upward march, there seems to have been a mini collapse in the p...

I’ve uploaded the latest house price data to my website. Prices keep creeping upwards, although there are lots of regional variations.

As I type this, my server is churning through the latest Land Registry data for August 2016. The top level data has been imported and it suggests prices continue to glide ever upwards. The only difference seems to be the annual change is getting smal...

I’ve uploaded the latest house price stats from the Land Registry to my website. As usual, there is very little to report, prices continue to rise gently. Maybe this apparent calm is what leads up to the Minsky Moment?

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