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I've uploaded the latest property data for England and Wales to my website. The annual figures still show sales falling with prices flat and likely to turn negative next month.

I've uploaded the latest UK postcode data to my website. Some people have been asking about the ward boundary changes. These are included in the update but are not complete so I would approach with caution. I made some manual changes so that all post...

I'm currently uploading the latest house price data to my website. I really need to improve the performance of the import, it now takes days to complete, but it should be complete some time soon. There's a definite trend appearing in the da...

I've been trying to figure out how to convert my site to .NET 5 or 6 for a long while. The pages are written in PHP (because that was the only thing available to me on my web host at the time) but there are many .ashx handlers that were added when I...

I've uploaded the latest Land Registry data to my website. I've also added a "Sale Type" column to the data which shows if the sale is a non-standard sale. These include transfers under a power of sale/repossessions, buy-to-lets, transfers to non-pri...

I've uploaded the latest Land Registry data for England and Wales to my website. No analysis, there's more important things to think about.

I've added the approximate distance to the sea for every postcode. This is available on the individual postcode pages and as part of the CSV downloads...

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