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I’ve uploaded the latest house price data to my website. Prices continue on their sluggish ascent, although the annual change is now below 1%. The number of sales seems surprisingly resilient, I guess whatever madness is going on in the UK, people...

New server

on Oct 3, 2019

The server running was getting a little long in the tooth and with more data getting added every month, was starting to slow down somewhat. So I’ve finally got round to upgrading to a shiny new server with a SSD, more memory and the la...

My server is straining to import the latest house price data, but not to worry, I’m in the process of building a new server with more memory and a faster hard drive which will be up and running shortly.The latest data is fairly dull, as prices cont...

Another month, another set of house price and sales data from the Land Registry, which I’ve uploaded to my website. Prices are still managing to rise, but at an increasingly slow pace...

UK postcode update

on Aug 25, 2019

I’ve uploaded the latest postcode update from the ONS to my website. I’ve run my usual sanity checks and everything appears correct but let me know if you spot anything amiss.

I’ve uploaded the latest property sales data for England and Wales to my website. Not much to report, the long slow trend towards house price deflation continues...

My random addresses generator is back. After having my hand slapped by Google Maps, I’ve had to re-implement it using my own database of property sales. Because of that change, the addresses returned are only from England and Wales, but they will n...

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