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This is a story about Sydney Devine. Except that it isn’t. It’s a story in which Sydney Devine plays a starring role, but is incidental. It is a story about journalism, and interviewing.  There’s a truism about interviews. Just as fiction...

The Oscars are marketing, so to comment on the nominations is like comparing Flash to Daz. But, since my exposure to contemporary cinema is roughly confined to reading the sides of buses, I do feel qualified to offer an opinion or two. So, obviously...

I wrote about Slow TV recently, for which I dug out an old interview with John Giorno, who starred in that slowest of slow films, Sleep, in which he snoozed for six hours or so. Anyway, what he said was interesting, so here it is, starting with his m...

See here for my interview with Montage of Heck director, Brett Morgen.

As The Honourable Woman draws to a close, many questions remain unanswered. That is to be expected of a drama which seeks to explore the complexities of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, but writer/creator Hugo Blick has done more than that.

You might, with some effort, be able to find a flicker of sympathy for Pi With Willie Nelson in Surfer, Dude ers Morgan. Not long before his CNN talk show was canned, the celebrity celebrity interviewer interviewed Matthew McConaughey. It should ha...

Sofia Helin is Saga Noren, the detective at the centre of The Bridge, the brilliant Scandi-noir series which just concluded on BBC4. Except that she isn’t, obviously. Saga doesn’t have an emotional radar. She is blunt to the point of rudeness, ob...

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