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I bring you articles to read and comment on when you have time, images to soak in while you wander about the web and thoughts to ponder on while you drink your tea.

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Canonicals can trip up your sites SEO - The Canonical link in a page's header lets the search engines know where the original page resides. Originally conceived for situations where articles were duplicated they would reference the original.

Changed your keychain password recently? It may have wiped your passwords in Internet accounts - Have you changed your keychain password recently and then had issues with Apple mail and other services such as linkedin, Google, Flickr, Vimeo and othe...

without having that DNS propagation wait - Moving a site to new hosting can be fraught with issues. Here is one technique that I find useful when moving to a website to a new hosting server.

French meter gauge goods shed - A plaster model kit of a classic French wooden goods shed.

Body work for the SRB001 Freelance DEUTZ Style 0-4-0DM - Completion of the SRB001 Freelance DEUTZ Style 0-4-0DM chassis including the running gear and motor withthe body work following.

SRB001 Freelance DEUTZ Style 0-4-0DM - Stuart Brewer is a fellow GDNGRS member and is one of the most acomplished model makers I know - this is his first kit and my attempts at building it.

Work in progress gets out the house - Whitesands Quay first outing gets it out of the house and sets some deadlines for me to work to.