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This is not how civil society looks. The post Caught On Video: Louisiana Town Hall Protesters Writhe And Spit At Mention Of Prayer appeared first on RedState.

It’s said, and rightly, that 666 is a very bad number. The number 111 places above it is also not terribly pleasant, especially if that number is the speed at which your airframe is traveling when you leave it. The RedState Department of Histor...

Not surprising. The post Majority Of Online Obamacare Defenders Are Paid To Troll Critics appeared first on RedState.

He who smelt it dealt it The post Did John Brennan Just Acknowledge He’s Under Investigation For Leaking Classified Information? appeared first on RedState.

We've gone from idiots in p***y hats in charge to a lying murderer. The post Because Of Course… A Convicted Terrorist is Leading the Next Women’s March appeared first on RedState.

ICE agents are happy to finally be allowed to enforce the law. The post Immigration Agents Approach Self-Actualization With Trump’s New Deportation Guidance appeared first on RedState.

Throughout February, California Rep. Steve Knight’s offices have been targeted by protesters demanding he listen to their “concerns” about repealing Obamacare and hold a town hall meeting so they can rant and make a spectacle. A few...