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"She has no business lecturing anyone on what qualifies as offensive." The post Megyn Kelly Has Had Enough of Jane Fonda’s Whining appeared first on RedState.

It’s like a scene from marriage counseling that is absolutely going to end in divorce. Sen. Susan Collins (R – Maine) was forced to make Democrat and Republican senators use a talking stick during debates in her office over the short term...

the bitter tang of defeat... The post Chuck Schumer Folds Like a Cheap Suit as the Most Purposeless Government Shutdown Ever Ends appeared first on RedState.

Not an auspicious beginning for DACA negotiations The post White House: We Will Not Sign the Durbin-Graham DACA Proposal appeared first on RedState.

The hackers claim to have access to his private messages. The post Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Targeted by Turkish Hackers appeared first on RedState.

These are some surprising results, and one Democrats should heed. The post WHOA: New Poll Shows Americans Want Massive Cuts to Legal Immigration MORE than Legalizing Dreamers appeared first on RedState.

Apparently, President Trump's first year has provided ample book material. The post Book #2: Fox News Host Soon to Drop Another Book on Trump Administration Dysfunction appeared first on RedState.