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They don't just get the facts wrong. They purposely mislead the public. The post Three Major Reasons The Press Has No Credibility On Gun Issues appeared first on RedState.

JJ Abrams has fallen into the mistaken Hollywood belief that a character's identity group makes it a good one. The post JJ Abrams Claims Hate Over “The Last Jedi” Is Due to Fear of Women (and Here’s Why He’s Gravely Mistaken)...

Today, Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) called on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to release the details surrounding the January 5, 2018 tip they received regarding Nikolas Cruz and his threats to conduct a school shooting, and the agency’s fai...

High emotions do not magically make stupid ideas any less stupid. The post Anti-Gun Nuts Display Epic Stupidity after Learning Gun Raffle Fundraisers Exist appeared first on RedState.

Marvel's latest entry will surprise you and bore you with some political and racial Hollywood tropes. The post Black Panther Is a Good Movie With Both Fresh and Tired Political Overtones appeared first on RedState.

Whenever the gun control issue comes up (as it will again and again as long as evil exists in this world), the NRA is the first target of crowd that is actively working to repeal civil rights. Although few people who oppose the right to own weapons k...

Oh, nooooes. The post MAGA Freakout: Trump Tweets Endorsement of…Mitt Romney? appeared first on RedState.