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With the Trinity Lutheran decision offered by the Supreme Court yesterday, we officially reached the end of an era. That case was the last one the Obama Administration took any part in, having filed an amicus brief to the court supporting the state o...

Most of the ban stands and the rest is looking surprisingly healthy The post Supreme Court Hands President Trump a Victory in Travel Ban Case appeared first on RedState.

Dead in the water. The post Add Susan Collins To List Of Senators Bailing On Senate Obamacare Replacement Bill appeared first on RedState.

As we reported earlier, the Supreme Court issued a much-anticipated ruling today dealing with the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment. In the case of Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Comer, the Court held that the policy of the...

This will not end well. The post SCOTUS Rules That Birth Certificates Can Be Falsified for the Sake of Social Justice appeared first on RedState.

Trump wants a big show, but it may not be best under the current circumstances. The post Trump’s Eagerness To Meet With Putin At G20 Summit Has Some Advisers Feeling Leery appeared first on RedState.

Drones are the greatest thing in transportation since the jumbo jet and the automobile. Mister President, drain the swamp, make the nay sayers sputter, and make a new, sane regulatory system for them! The post President Trump, These Regulations Are...