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Based on what you’re reading on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere, the world is coming to an end. No, not because of tax cuts. Those are only going to kill people. The world will come to an end because FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will so do away with r...

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I have a bit of Economics 101 knowledge for the collectivist Left. You know who I mean. The Bernie Sanders “‘Free’ Health Care and ‘Free’ College for All” types. The people who think the United States’ $18 trillion economy magically cam...

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The fight for Jerusalem is about to get ugly in a very official way The post Buckle Up: Erdogan and UN Islamic Member States Just Declared Jerusalem the Capital of Palestine appeared first on RedState.

While the political press was fixated on the smoldering aftermath of Mitch McConnell’s chicanery in Alabama and the smoking ruin of Roy Moore’s political career, other fun stuff was going on. In particular, Deputy Attorney General Rod Ros...