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A blog of haiku, poetry, and the inner workings of Anthony Souls

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Love is like quote

on Feb 18, 2017 in: Love

Love is like a gift given in earnest and truth filled with love encased in a bottle, that holds it's treasure in it's sentiment and the intangible, where others may only find and see the ordinary.

Men need to stop allowing themselves to be sexualized and used as sexual objects. A reverse role exchanging is taking place where women are now trying to sexualize men like they have been sexualized. Being used as sexual objects isn't good and men ne...

Lock Ness Monster Mug With God Bless You for sale on Zazzle.

I want to lightly gloss over some controversial topics that shows that our society is losing perception on reality. Abortion is ending a life and that is the purpose of it. That is a fact. That is what abortion is and why people do it. And ending a l...

I want to Praise and Glorify God for all that He has done for me. We were short on funds and needed toilet paper, my wife needed coke, and we needed the chaotic and disrespectful apartment resident in the room up and to the right of us to move out an...

#thankful Thank you God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for everything. Thank you for the raise. Thank you for Ashley. Thank you for always communicating with me and never forsaking me. Hope today goes well. Thank you for restoring peace to our home for...

Thank You God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for everything and Your wonderful Gifts and especially Love. I much appreciate all that you are doing for my wife and Me and foremost being God and allowing us to Worship You. God and Jesus and The Holy One...

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