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A blog of haiku, poetry, and the inner workings of Anthony Souls

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I want to Thank God for everything God has given us and everything God has gotten us and getting us through. My wife and I have been through an enormous amount of trails and tribulations these last couple years. Right now, we are facing Eviction; We...

My praises for God as of recent:God has really been helping us considerably lately and I am very appreciative and grateful to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for all the Good Work God does in my life and my wife's.We still have a place to live even...

The eviction notice has elapsed and the landlord can now go before a judge to get me evicted. Waiting to see if he will serve me this month or not. Since he accepted partial payment, I don't think he can do anything this month, even if he takes me to... another donation through GoFundMe for $100. We are making progress with God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost. Rent is coming up fast: Hopefully others can help. Take care, With Love Through God and Jesus and T...

Pray for us, Thanks

on Jun 18, 2017 in: God, Jesus

Pray for us. Thanks. God will help. Take care, With Love through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, Anthony and Ashley...

Hello, My wife and I really need financial money assistance for our Rent, Food, and Utilities. I recently Lost my job and was on unemployment until the Appeals overturned the decision. I have another final appeals to get back on it in July but can't...

Recently, I had to go to court and defend myself before a judge. Even though, I am unsure how she viewed my case, all of the signs from God are showing that Good Things are coming. I really do thank God for all He has done for me in my life. Life wit...

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