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Donald J. Trump’s picks for economic positions indicate that he plans to emphasize policies friendly to Wall Street.

Sidney Weinberg, “Mr. Wall Street,” began a tradition of Goldman executives taking on public service that is continuing under President-elect Trump.

Agustín Carstens, governor of the Bank of Mexico, will leave that post next year to become head of the Bank for International Settlements.

As prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi kept majority ownership in his businesses. Scandals ensued as those businesses profited and his fortune grew.

Starboard Value has asked Rockwell Collins to consider selling itself instead of buying B/E Aerospace. The hedge fund faces an uphill climb.

Mr. Cohn, the No. 2 executive at Goldman Sachs, has been viewed as the firm’s natural next leader. But that was before he met with the president-elect.

Mr. Schultz is planning to leave the company in April, turning the reins over to his handpicked successor, Kevin Johnson.