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Xavier Rolet said he had no intention to return as chief executive or as a director after an investor waged a public fight to retain him.

Mr. Powell breezed through his Senate confirmation hearing. The prospect of stability after Janet Yellen departs will please the markets.

The arrest of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the country’s most prominent investor, has caused unease among Western businessmen wary of the lack of transparency.

Mr. Rubin is taking a leave of absence from the start-up Essential amid a report that he had an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate while he was a Google executive.

Uber faces a slew of problems, but has yet to answer a basic question: Can it develop a sustainable business model?

AT&T has responded to the government’s lawsuit seeking to block its bid for Time Warner, and the company’s main argument is that it’s not as big as it looks.

In acquiring the meeting-organization company, WeWork is seeking to again extend its business beyond office space into more facets of customers’ lives.