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EVA 62 Animation

on Jan 23, 2020 in: Videos

EVA Officer Sandy Fletcher narrates an animation showing Expedition 61 Flight Engineers Jessica Meir and Christina Koch of NASA teaming up for their second spacewalk together. Please visit OrbitalHub to read more...


on Jan 22, 2020 in: Videos

Earth's global surface temperatures in 2019 ranked second-warmest since 1880, according to independent analyses by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Please visit OrbitalHub to read more...

Australian Bushfires

on Jan 21, 2020 in: Videos

The local impacts of the Australian bushfires have been devastating to property and life in Australia while producing extreme air quality impacts throughout the region. Please visit OrbitalHub to read more...

The Crew Dragon test capsule was launched in an atmospheric flight to conduct a separation and abort scenario in the troposphere at transonic velocities, at max Q, where the vehicle experiences maximum aerodynamic pressure. Please visit OrbitalHub to...

TESS Update

on Jan 16, 2020 in: Videos

NASA's TESS has discovered its first Earth-size planet in its star's habitable zone, the range of distances where conditions may be just right to allow the presence of liquid water on the surface. Please visit OrbitalHub to read more...

A plume of brown smoke extends from the southeastern coast of Australia, over the Tasman Sea and beyond into the Pacific Ocean. Please visit OrbitalHub to read more...

Primordial UV Light

on Jan 14, 2020 in: Videos

Ultraviolet light from the first stars and galaxies gradually transformed the universe. Please visit OrbitalHub to read more...

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