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SuperMegaNet, ep. 92 is up. Yes, that’s Mini quoting a line from the awesomeness that is Rush’s “BU2B.” Begin pimptext: “Murphy’s Likelihood,” Mini continues, “is an offshoot of Murphy’s Law. Where Murphy’s Law dic...

Street Food

on Jul 28, 2016 in: Journal, random

There’s a box of donuts in the street that’s been run over numerous times by passing cars. Littering or genius social statement? #streetfood...

Vasquez Rocks

on Jul 24, 2016 in: Journal, Photography, travel

Lucky to have beat the flames last weekend. Be safe, #SantaClarita...

No Substitutions

on Jun 25, 2016 in: Fiction, humor, writing

Looks like another SuperMegaNet episode just slipped past quarantine: Look at Jan 2.0. The jockettes are all over him, oohing and awing and squeezing his biceps, palpitating his pecs, literally absorbing him like two giant girl-shaped amoebas. I’ve...


on May 22, 2016 in: News, geek, humor

Now prossessing: a modern take on an old nightmare. (Aka, I’ve always wanted to wear this as a T-shirt. Well, ever since I heard of Bluetooth…whatever that is.)...


on May 21, 2016 in: News, geek, humor

My fluency represented as an icon on a T-shirt.

New SuperMegaNet: “To what do we owe the unpleasant surprise?” “We thought Eva could use a little company,” Summer replies. “She’s already got company—” The lid pops off of Ernie’s pudding cup; banana cream spurts into his face, inf...