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Three new SuperMegaNet episodes have slipped past my blogging radar over the last month or so: Chinese Whispers I Was an Undead Child Actor Your Friends Are No Help Without meaning to, I’ve dropped Theo into a brief story arc during which he...

Rogue New Year

on Jan 1, 2017 in: Journal, random

New Year’s Eve with the Rogue Rebels. Amazing night spent with some amazing people (and Bingo!).


on Nov 14, 2016 in: Fiction, humor, writing

“Besides that time Frankie pornified the clubhouse Blu-ray player when he was thirteen, we rarely get into trouble.” —Brandon Flammer, Sunny Buns ep. 4, “Poolside”...

The latest episode of Sunny Buns is titled “Kirk Picardo,” but really the whole thing is just an excuse for the introduction of Frankie’s Triple-S / S3 dick classification system. “All these mommies going on daytime TV looking for...

Touch Bar

on Nov 1, 2016 in: Fiction, humor, writing

I’ve never been much of an Apple fanboy to begin with, so I’m not too broken up over the new MacBook Pro updates, and how all the ports and SD card reader have been replaced with a Touch Bar. It’s been obvious for a while now that A...

My deepest apologies for allowing another new SuperMegaNet episode to leak unto the Interwebs. I’m currently working with local law enforcement to get it removed as quickly and with as little collateral damage as possible. In the meantime, the...

The Beginning

on Oct 11, 2016 in: Fiction, writing

New Sunny Buns posted—in which the difference between nudity and sex is explained through a relevant Piers Anthony example. It can be a difficult concept to grasp. People hear that you and your parents like to hang out naked, and they immediate...