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Weather information gathered from a weather station in our garden and how the weather affect our gardening activities and our plants

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Anticyclonic Gloom

on Jan 17, 2017

It seems our weather is going to be governed by high pressure this week but it doesn't mean we are going to have sunny days and frosty nights. We're going to have to put up with some dull days with drizzle or light rain on and off throughout the day.

Winter Washing

on Jan 16, 2017

It turned out to be a weekend of two halves. Saturday was sunny but cold and Sunday was milder and wet.We decided to head down to the allotment on Saturday afternoon to winter wash the fruit trees. I'm planning to give the trees another winter wash e...

Friday was a cold day although it perhaps finished up slightly milder than the forecasters had suggested.Temperature and Wind Chill for 13 January 2017Although it wasn't blowing a gale there was a strong, cold, north westerly, breeze blowing all day...

By The Canal

on Jan 13, 2017

Thursday was a much calmer day with yesterday's gales having abated. However, as the wind died down the temperature fell but that was to be expected as the last few days have been mild for January. Light snow had been a possibility but it didn't mate...

Considering the Met Office decided not to name Wednesday's storm it caused lots of disruption with road bridges closed, fallen trees blocking roads, power outages and rail services delayed to mention just a few of the problems.Temperature, High Wind...

The Storm With No Name

on Jan 11, 2017

The weather overnight from Tuesday into Wednesday morning has been awful. Strong winds that started developing on Tuesday night turned into gale force ones overnight.Temperature & Wind Speed Records 09-11 January 2017Looking at the graphs above t...

First Arrivals

on Jan 9, 2017

The first of our seed orders arrived over the weekend. It wasn't our main order from Kings Seeds but a small order from Suttons Seeds.A couple of varieties we wanted from Kings weren't available and so we decided to order them from Suttons. That acco...