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The Mod Style

on Mar 8, 2018

The British Mod style emerged from a desire among British youth to break away from the stiffness of the 50’s and uncouth look of the teddy-boys, and to emulate the more stylish Italian, French and, latterly, American fashions. In the same way the m...

Sawdust Caesars

on Aug 20, 2014

Roger Ames, Brighton 1964Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices Review by Roger Ames, 1960's Modernist.   Whilst reading Tony Beesley’s comprehensive account of the development and subsequent revivals and later rebirths of the cult of...

 (or the inane ramblings of a sixties Islington boy)Any mention of London's East End to those not familiar with the capital immediately conjure up pictures of Whitechapel alleyways stalked by Jack the Ripper and Ron and Reggie. Either that or ba...

In The Mod Scene Today

on May 22, 2014


Faces in the Crowd

on Aug 29, 2013

photo by Erika SuchanovaHow does mod culture survive while others fade away? Join Emma-Rosa Dias at the start of her journey to find out why mod never left....Emma-Rosa Dias is a freelance TV presenter from Belfast.  As a small child in early 80...

French Boutik

on Aug 13, 2013

Ici ParisThe highly anticipated Ici Paris is the new double 7" release on copaseDisques from Paris-based stylists, French Boutik.It's an in-joke in the ranks of French Boutik that guitarist Serge introduces the most obscure guitar chords to their so...

Steve Marriott

on Jul 31, 2013

STEVE MARRIOTT: "I was a mod, I had me anorak (a parka). I think to establish yourself, in the very early stages, clothes can really set an image for you, really work for you, or, it can make you a laughing stock".STEVE MARRIOTT: "The term 'Face' was...