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By Agence France-Presse Indonesian police have detained 58 men including several foreigners in a raid on a gay sauna, an official said on Saturday, the [...] The post 51 Men Busted In Gay Bathhouse Raid appeared first on Bathhouse Blog.

From Fox News Detroit Man found dead with mask on at Detroit health club Authorities are investigating a man’s death at a Detroit health club [...] The post Man Found Dead Wearing Mask In Gay Bathhouse appeared first on Bathhouse Blog.

The second story of the building located at the corner of William and Forbes streets has been the home for hundreds of men to meet [...] The post 21 Yrs Of Perth Steam Works appeared first on Bathhouse Blog.

Lawyer Hendry Hendron tried drugs at the baths. That chemsex moment lead him down a path to more drugs, his partner dying of an overdose, [...] The post Chemsex @ Baths Led Lawyer’s Downfall appeared first on Bathhouse Blog.

Sebastian Fortino is an LGBT journalist from Portland who recently wrote an essay about working as a gay bathhouse staffer. Entitled “10 Things I Learned [...] The post Bathhouse Staffer Lessons Learned appeared first on Bathhouse Blog.

The Brighton Sauna has always been on the cutting edge of HIV testing on its premises. In 2011 they became one of the first gay [...] The post Vending Machine To Test HIV appeared first on Bathhouse Blog.

Amrou Al-Kadhi is a writer, performer and filmmaker in London. He is also a Queer Arab who does drag. Which is a double whammy because [...] The post Being Queer Arab At The Baths appeared first on Bathhouse Blog.