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In this blog I share my journey as a coloured pencil artist, teacher and critic.

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on Jun 14, 2022 in: Art, drawing, landscape

Lilydale Falls Last Friday I won the North East Tasmania Arts and Crafts Prize with my coloured pencil and ink drawing of Lilydale Falls. I had previously won this prize in 1994, but this win was particularly special for me. … Continue reading...


on Feb 11, 2021

Some people suffer for their art. There have been occasions when I’ve been one of them. I suffer from arthritis and have done so for almost 2 decades, but it’s only really concerned me over the past 6 years. I … Continue reading →...

“Lake Barrington Forest Floor 7.” 27 x 40 cms All 24 of the latest Luminance pencils plus a Pitt Pen on 300 gsm Canson cp w/c paper. Own reference. Luminance coloured pencils are my favourite out of the 40 sets … Continue reading &#...

“Neglected Landscape 1, Lake St. Clair.” Coloured pencil & ink on cold pressed w/c paper. When out  in the great outdoors, how much time do you spend looking at the ground you’re walking on? Our landscapes are precious, even more &...


on May 10, 2020 in: painting

“Approaching Stanley.” Rejected, 1988 TasArt Awards. COVID-19 has resulted in a complete upheaval of our way of life. Currently, isolation is the accepted norm and for how long is anybody’s guess. For some this has provided the opportun...


on Apr 6, 2020

The world is currently at war with a silent, but deadly enemy that has up to this point in time, reached almost every country. These are difficult times, indeed scary times and the impact of COVID-19 has already had a … Continue reading →...


on Mar 5, 2020 in: artist

This is my first post since returning from the Australian mainland. Moving house, particularly interstate isn’t fun, in fact, it can be rather stressful!After 44 months away I’m finally back in my studio and I’m so happy to return to … Co...