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A beauty blog written by a lip balm addict. Beautifully Glossy is all about make-up, skin care and body care.

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Thoughts of the week

on Jun 11, 2022 in: Thoughts

1. I really don't understand the US and their gun laws. How could they value their guns more than their children? 2. If you're in iso, sign up to Woolworths Delivery Unlimited. The first 30 days are free. You get unlimited, contactless delivery for a...

FFS Friday - Relief

on Jun 9, 2022

Hello beautiful people. I haven't been around much. We all had covid and since we got out of iso I've been working quite a lot. It's been great. I really enjoy working. Tuesday I had the day off. I took the boys to school, did some running aroun...

Thoughts of the week

on May 14, 2022 in: Thoughts

1. We've had our fire on this week, it's been lovely. I love winter.2. I am on the hunt for a new handbag. Now that I'm working I'd like something bigger. I want a big, soft, slouchy leather bag, with pockets on the outside and a handle long enough t...

FFS Friday - Less

on May 12, 2022

Hello beautiful people. How are you doing? I hope you are all well.  Now that I'm officially a working person, life has gotten busy. Not busier than it was before, just more challenging. Chai isn't enjoying it. Eljay isn't really enjoying it eit...

Thoughts of the week

on Apr 30, 2022 in: Thoughts

1. I worked three days this week. It's the most work I've done outside the home in the last eleven years. Returning to work has been interesting. I've had to get new clothes and realised that I have no idea what to wear to work now. After being in a...

FFS Friday - Cropped

on Apr 28, 2022

I have a funny story to tell. My MIL loves to bring us gifts. She's always bringing stuff for the boys and sometimes brings things for Tiger and I. She does most of her shopping at op shops so some of the things she brings are interesting.  ...

Thoughts of the week

on Apr 23, 2022 in: Thoughts

1. You know when you do someone a favour and it bites you in the bum over and over again, like the gift that just keeps on giving? That is happening to me at the moment. 2. The weather is cooling down. I'm so glad winter is on the way. 3. W...