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Follow your dreams

on Sep 14, 2018

Hello. This is a card for a lady who is leaving work to go back to university for a degree. I was lost for ideas so a very simple card..loz...

Hello. This is the card I made for two friends. I was given a book called :Skywriting Journal: Every page in the book is a picture of a sky.. I used a page for the anniversary card background and will be using a lot more... I used an unknown cat and...

forever love

on Aug 31, 2018

Hello. This is a card for a friend to give his wife on their anniversary...He did not want flowers but I did put a few on the card..loz...

Hello. I wanted to use karen Burniston's tag die set without making the tag.. I cut off the tag ends and then put it inside a folded card. After I had finished I decided to add the tags to the fron and back of the card to add some ribbon..loz...

Katherine Label Pop-Up

on Aug 25, 2018

Hello. I just got this new karen burniston die set and made several cards. i am not too sure if I like this die set but I could try different dies for the cutouts..Loz...

Hello. I was asked to make a card for a young lady who is learning to drive.. I live in a suburb where there is a large driver testing facility so all weekend the road is full of learner drivers so I try to stay off the road. We all had to learn so I...

Tag Cards

on Aug 13, 2018

Hello. I have been playing with Karen Burniston's Tag card die set again. I Do love this set but they take a lot of time to make...Loz...

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