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Articles on biblical studies,the Bible, digital culture (especially academic digital culture, teasching in a digital world etc.) and food, by Tim Bulkeley. Tim has taught Old Testament/Hebrew Bible in Universities and Seminaries in four continents.

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I can’t remember if I have yet linked to The Mother God Experiment. Sadly due to the way Facebook hides our non-friends from us, placing their messages into the outer darkness, I only discovered Susan Harrison’s work recently. Her blog [&...

Two friends 1 Well actually one is a friend of a friend. have in different ways prompted this post. One is a technologist trained in the sciences, who in the context of dissatisfaction with understanding the how of a particular […] The post Cha...

My take on Isaiah 6

on Jun 1, 2017

My short piece on Isaiah 6 from the NZ BaptistMag has been put online. Do either go and comment, question, object…. or tell your friends to stir things up a bit :)   Please! The post My take on Isaiah 6 appeared first on Sans​blogue.

A few days ago I posted on Facebook a link to a post from six years ago: Does Jesus make me whole? As a result, I was challenged again to reflect more on the theology of aging. By this I do […] The post Personality and theologies of aging appe...

More on old cheeses

on May 28, 2017

Just a quick note. I omitted to note that Jesus seems to express something close to the ideas in my last post 1 Which hopefully is something quite different from the last post for me!  when he says to activist enthusiast […] The post More on...

Well chosen, clearly expressed, learning outcomes (or whatever you call them) are a joy to read. They also help students learn and teachers teach. By defining the skills and abilities that students should achieve, they can guide and give shape [̷...

Could you be trusted?

on May 22, 2017

What would happen if somehow God in his infinite wisdom managed to explain to us the paradox of suffering in a world created by a good God? What if God had offered the simple brief explanation in a few verses […] The post Could you be trusted?