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The personal blog of Samantha Kidd, an eighteen year old student in Greater London. Here she expresses her personal and political views, and updates o...

Driving Fast on Loose GravelDriving Fast on Loose Gravel

Typically, I like: napping in hammocks, sailing, drinking copious amounts of good wine at dinner parties with conversations that go late into the nigh...

Boatang and DemetriouBoatang and Demetriou

Questioning everyone and everything

Forms Most BeautifulForms Most Beautiful

Generally speaking, I think that we there is a lot of nonsense in the world perpetrated on us by entrenched religious nonsense and absurd assumptions ...

The Cheap GourmetThe Cheap Gourmet

Cheap gourmet recipes, simple lunch ideas, dinner suggestions, cooking tips, cooking contests, sweepstakes and giveaways, beer of the month club cheap...


Book reviews, author interviews and the literary adventures of writer, editor and regular at writers' festivals, Angela Meyer.

Montreal Taxi BlogMontreal Taxi Blog

News of the taxicab industry in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Gay For TodayGay For Today

Gay For Today celebrates and illustrates the incredible variety, contribution and existence of gay men throughout our culture and recent history.

Luxury paycheck at a timeLuxury paycheck at a time

this blog is just about my life & fashion

my shoes are too shoes are too small.

Poking fun at anything and everything poke-worthy. In other words, bitchin about idiots and anything else bitch worthy.

Mind Movie PowerMind Movie Power

Create your future using the power of Mind Movies - Visualise your way to success!!

Trail Running BlogTrail Running Blog

Running blog with workouts, race reports, product reviews and more.

Michelle KnowlesMichelle Knowles

Contemporary art blog.

AVIF Volunteering in KenyaAVIF Volunteering in Kenya

AVIF is an innovative online charity, assisting with sustainable development via online & onsite volunteering in rural Kenya, East Africa. We beli...

Killian DubKillian Dub

Podcasts, singles, free album giveaways and more good stuff.

Planting WordsPlanting Words

My life as a gardener of words...

Look at the Pretty ShinyLook at the Pretty Shiny

Interior design & decorating ideas from a busy woman on a tight budget

Perl HacksPerl Hacks

A blog about Perl programming and the Perl community

Why not visit for even more full episodes of Reality TV shows from around the world. Big Brother, The Biggest Loser, Project Runway, ...

Jason OlivaJason Oliva

An archive blog of International artist Jason Oliva's recent and past paintings.

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