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Jermaine Amado was visiting Lisbon in 2017 when he fell in love with his tour guide. For the next three years, he split his time between the US and Portugal.

Welcome to Evil Week, our annual dive into all the slightly sketchy hacks we’d usually refrain from recommending. Want to weasel your way into free drinks, play elaborate mind games, or, er, launder some money? We’ve got all the info you need to...

Digital devices, including smart TVs, are continuing to improve accessibility settings for people with disabilities. The 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) passed in 2010 updated accessibility requirements, such as closed...

Accessible tech like digital maps and vibration vests are making tourism and hospitality inclusive for disabled and neurodivergent travelers.

Aging is something we all have to deal with—financially, spiritually, and physically. That last part means taking stock of your living situation. While many people plan to move to a different home, relocate to a senior community, or bunk down with...

This is a guest article from Jennifer Moline*. Accessibility of images is emphasized during web design training, but an equally important issue that is much less discussed is font accessibility.

Prospective EV-buyers shouldn't lean on range to decide on going electric. They should dive into other variables, like ease of charging and cost.