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Apparently, sense of proportion and common decency are foreign concepts to McCain. The post John McCain Is Still Bat-Crap Crazy And Francisco Franco Is Still Dead appeared first on RedState.

A sign the investigation is starting The post Senate Intelligence Committee Orders Agencies and Individuals To Preserve Russia-Related Documents appeared first on RedState.

If you are going to shoot at the king, you have to kill the king. The post House Intel Chair Asks FBI To Investigate the Flynn Leaks appeared first on RedState.

This is report is pretty much a Rorschach test for where you stand. The post FBI Director James Comey Meets With Senate Intelligence Committee appeared first on RedState.

can't we all just get along? The post New Poll Reveals Rodney King Is Very Popular With Americans appeared first on RedState.

Some of Donald Trump’s supporters have signaled that they are unhappy with the rate at which the Republican Congress is enacting the president’s agenda. Matt Drudge, in a tweet that has since been deleted, wrote, “Congress hanging The Donald ou...

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