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News about the band Crypt. They are a melodeth band living in Cornwall.


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People die every day—and yes, that includes when they’re traveling. It’s not something most of us think about when planning a trip, but for some, it’s an unfortunate reality. But what do you do if you’re traveling with someone and they pass...

It's the first bullet point in yesterday's article on the death of a stowaway:First picture of Oxford graduate sunbather who had miracle escape when frozen stowaway plunged 3,500ft from Kenya Airways jet and landed just THREE FEET from him in London...

So much of death is a mystery, between how and when we’re going to go, if there’s anything beyond the grave—you know, all the pleasant stuff. But while a lot of this is out of our control, there is one aspect of our impending deaths that we usu...

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“I was actually in tears in the suit..." The post Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Actor Was Devastated About Director’s Disrespect to His Character and Death appeared first on RedState.

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Sensationalization has taken our eyes off of what really harms us. The post There’s a Huge Difference In What We Die From and What the Media Reports that We Die From appeared first on RedState.