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Early Monday afternoon, the Senate voted 81-18 in favor of reopening the government with a short-term spending bill, following a failed vote on Friday evening that effectively shut it down. Among the 18 senators who voted “no” were 16 Dem...

A huge waste of time and money. The post President’s Statement on Immigration Shows How Pointless This Shutdown Was appeared first on RedState.

the bitter tang of defeat... The post Chuck Schumer Folds Like a Cheap Suit as the Most Purposeless Government Shutdown Ever Ends appeared first on RedState.

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“…you have to have something before you can lose it and California Governor Jerry Brown’s sanity is nonexistent … If any Republican displayed this level of incoherent thought, there would be calls for resignation. The problem with...

It is at least as bad as we'd feared it would be The post BREAKING. “Bi-Partisan” DREAMer Bill Is Just as Bad as We Thought It Would Be appeared first on RedState.