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We shove Alinksky’s fifth rule — “ridicule is man’s most potent wea...

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This issue is not illegal immigrant minors, the issue is Trump's presidency. The post Trump Has the Right Answer on the “Family Separation” Issue but Does He Have the Guts to Stick With It? appeared first on RedState.

President Donald Trump is thankfully implementing his America First perspective on…everything. If something is good for the US – the Administration does it.  Or does it more. If something is bad for the US – the Administration stops do...

They won't even vote for imaginary cuts The post Trump Budget Cuts Fail In the Senate Because of GOP Defections appeared first on RedState.

I was contacted a lot last week – asking for my response to this: Netflix Went Down for Users Across the World in Mysterious Major Outage, Following Net Neutrality Repeal Well that’s an amazing coincidence. Just last Monday was the day the Do...

Congress? You can fix this. The post The Child Separation Crisis Is the Latest Byproduct of a Feckless Congress appeared first on RedState.

Not much choice when even his own party doesn't want him to run. The post Desperate Alan Grayson Is Recycling Endorsements from Past Campaigns appeared first on RedState.

This is what you wanted, now enjoy it The post Democrats Mourn the Loss of the Filibuster As Trump Begins to Re-Shape the Ninth Circuit appeared first on RedState.