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We shove Alinksky’s fifth rule — “ridicule is man’s most potent wea...


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can't we all just get along? The post New Poll Reveals Rodney King Is Very Popular With Americans appeared first on RedState.

Over there, over there, Send the word, send the word over there The Jihadis are coming, the Jihadis are coming The drums rum-tumming everywhere. So prepare, say a prayer [Allahu Akbar] Send the word, send the word to beware – … Continue r...

A little and insignificant man trying to stay in the limelight The post Obama’s Ethics Chief Demands White House Report To Him On Kellyanne Conway appeared first on RedState.

Trump and the GOP Congress are striking at the regulatory state and the left is very afraid The post The GOP Push To Reduce Regulations Gets Serious And the Left Goes Bonkers appeared first on RedState.

If Keith Ellison was looking for big name support in his bid for Chair of the Democratic National Committee, he finally got it… However, he probably doesn’t want it anymore. Here’s Fox News putting up a state of the race on Twitter&...

Former Obama staffers are livid that Congress and the administration are erasing their work. The post Former Obama Staffers Are In Mourning Over Murdered Regulations appeared first on RedState.

Protesters temporarily prevented Secretary of Education DeVos from entering a DC public school. That means she is still alive. The post BREAKING. Rent-A-Mob Physically Blocks Betsy DeVos From Entering A DC Public School (VIDEO) appeared first on RedS...