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We shove Alinksky’s fifth rule — “ridicule is man’s most potent wea...

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He's actually got a damned good point The post Andrew Sullivan: Obama’s Legacy Is Dead and Trump Killed It appeared first on RedState.

There but for the grace of God go I. The post The DOJ/FBI Spying Story Matters Because It’s What Happens In Places Like Venezuela appeared first on RedState.

The good news is that the Democrats retain a 9 point lead in the congressional preference of voters this year (see top chart). A nine point advantage could well be enough to flip control of the House, and maybe even the Senate.The bad news is contain...

A couple of decades ago, it was the belief of most Republicans that free trade agreements was a good thing. Most Democrats opposed them -- believing they were unfair to workers and encouraged the exporting of good American jobs. That no longer seems...

Well, this is certainly strange The post President Trump and Michael Cohen Were Told About Eric Schneiderman’s Abuse Fetish Years Ago appeared first on RedState.

there really are truly stupid ideas, this is one of them The post Great Idea to Stabilize Syria: Give Russia More Power appeared first on RedState.

Not a great day for Mueller but a very good day for justice and the rule of law The post Federal Judge in the Manafort Case Says Special Counsel Is Lying and Is Targeting Trump appeared first on RedState.