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We shove Alinksky’s fifth rule — “ridicule is man’s most potent wea...

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The mask slipped... The post Proving the Point: Rep. Swalwell Proposes Gun Confiscation (and More) appeared first on RedState.

    Talk about unlikely. Mexico — the single greatest exporter of citizens the U.S. has to deport — is touting deportation itself. Apparently, a city south of the border is getting a little taste of foreign invasion. On Thursday...

    It’s official: Stacey Abrams accepts defeat in the Georgia race for governor. But also, it’s official: it isn’t fair. Those dang Republicans stole another election! Stacey made clear her thoughts in a speech Friday: &#...

This is Orwellian to the extreme. The post New York Lawmakers to Propose Legislation to Check Gun Purchasers Online Activity for Hateful or Offensive Speech appeared first on RedState.

    Yesterday, I went against my general policy and called someone an idiot. On rare occasion, something or someone convinces me that policy is made to be broken. Yesterday was Jim Acosta. Today, I’m biting my tongue; I give you ̶...

Please make it stop. Please. The post Stacey Abrams Is Asking the Courts for a New Election appeared first on RedState.

Don't you just hate it when the fraud you baked in to your plan doesn't materialize? The post BREAKING. Broward County Finishes Its Hand Recount and Things Look Grim for Bill Nelson appeared first on RedState.