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We shove Alinksky’s fifth rule — “ridicule is man’s most potent wea...


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"[T]hey want to tar and feather any Republican, any conservative, and paint us all as these crazy racist nutbags" The post Ted Cruz Talks Charlottesville and a Reporter Becomes Collateral Damage (FULL AUDIO) appeared first on RedState.

A story I posted on July 31 about disgraced DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her weird employment of the Awan brothers AFTER they were banned from House IT networks produced a comment (sometimes it’s okay to read them) that suggested that...

  Democrats are acknowledging the toxicity of the former head of the DNC — journalists however, not so much.   The continued unravelling of the career of former DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz is rather self-evident to so man...

Former President Barack Obama has been out of the public eye for the most part since Donald Trump’s inauguration. He’s been on a long vacation (roughly eight and a half years), but now he seems ready to get back into the fray. His goal?

Anyone both remotely in touch with Reality and honest – knows and acknowledges that the vast majority of our nation’s colleges and universities are ultra-Leftist academic swamps. In dire need of just the sort of draining Washington, D.C. so r...

This is pretty swampy even by swamp standards. The post Loretta Lynch Used an Email Alias While Trying to Bury Clinton Tarmac Meeting appeared first on RedState.

This chart is from the Gallup Poll. It shows that on most issues, the gap between Democrats and Republicans has grown wider since 2001. We are living in a more partisan country today than was true at the turn of the century.