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Recent studies have suggested that eating late at night may lead to weight gain, so how late is too late to eat? And while we’re asking questions, do we really know that you’ll gain weight if you eat a late dinner? Read more...

Hard Eight's Roanoke branch was found in an investigation to have illegally distributed tips to its managers who in turn were paid less overtime.

Our reporter has been in the cheese industry for 15 years. Here are her 8 top picks for the best cheese you can buy online in 2021.

To offset additional costs such as increasing wages and adding COVID protocols, restaurants have been adding fees to make ends meet.

The biggest eating holiday of the year is upon us. You’ve brainstormed the menu, shopped for sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts, and thawed the turkey. (You have thawed the turkey, right?) With all the fanfare and preparation around the main even...

A good roasting pan should heat evenly and last for years. Here are the best roasting pans whether you're cooking a turkey, beef, or veggies.

Thrive Market sells organic food at 25%-50% cheaper than other stores. It's great for snacks, healthy-but-fast foods, and kitchen basics.