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NBA Top Shot, a collection of NBA NFTs featuring highlights, GIFs, and other classic NBA moments, recently surpassed $1 billion in sales. There have been ups and downs during the company’s lifespan, and it surely hasn’t reached the same heights i...

Using schematics found on archive.org, Mark Longstaff rebuilt an analog circuit found in Roland's TR-808 Rhythm Composer. Which circuit? Oh, you know the one.

The brilliance of the Nintendo Switch is how it gives you the ability to go from playing a game handheld to experiencing it on your big screen in seconds. That brilliance is certainly dimmed, however, if you have to deal with intermittent blackouts o...

As someone who finds magic and inspiration at every turn in Tokyo, I yearn for the golden years of Akihabara, aka "Electric Town," the city's electronics district where there were countless shops packed with the latest consumer goods and a maze of ti...

A customer in Queens, New York, filed a class-action complaint against Canon, which centered on the scanning function of its All-in-One printers.

Hunting for the best surge protector can be tedious. To help that, we've listed the best surge protectors for your laptops, computers, speakers, TVs, etc.