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Operators of some overseas scams will use American middle-men to collect money from victims before sending it on to the scammers. Federal prosecutors have accused one Florida man of being the cash conduit for a “lottery” scam being run out of Jam...

So is it still fake news when Trump does it? The post Listen As Trump Talks About A Terrorist Attack That Never Happened appeared first on RedState.

Fake news. The post Everybody Heard About The Terrorist Attack In Sweden Except Sweden, Apparently appeared first on RedState.

It’s the Campaign that never ends. Watch Live at Donald Trump holds a Rally in Melbourne, Florida for his supporters. The post WATCH: Donald Trump Rally in Melbourne, Florida (LIVE) appeared first on RedState.

Trump's Melbourne rally was probably the media's worst nightmare. The post You’ll Never Believe How the Media Reacts To Trump Inviting A Random Voter On Stage appeared first on RedState.

The sordid details of a case in which R. Alexander Acosta, the new pick for labor secretary, agreed not to bring federal charges are set to air again.

A great idea is beginning to snowball The post ARMAGEDDON. Legislation Introduced To Reduce EPA Power appeared first on RedState.