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Election year politics or sincere policy differences? The post More Republicans Step Forward to Criticize Trump Child Separation Policy appeared first on RedState.

Not much choice when even his own party doesn't want him to run. The post Desperate Alan Grayson Is Recycling Endorsements from Past Campaigns appeared first on RedState.

nothing like presidential attention to give a legal case spice The post Thanks to Donald Trump, the Case of Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Her Pakistani IT Guy Is About To Get More Interesting appeared first on RedState.

2,000 US schools use textbooks from Abeka, BJU Press and Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), including tax-funded charter schools across America; students who learn from these texts are taught that God wanted Protestantism to flourish in North Ame...

Yet another failure of leadership under Sheriff Scott Israel. The post Broward Sheriff’s Office Kept Paramedics from Entering Stoneman Douglas After Shooting appeared first on RedState.

Something's rotten in Broward County. The post Broward County School District Isn’t Just Incompetent, They’re Heartless appeared first on RedState.

Though Florida makes headlines for all sorts of fun and bizarre reasons, finding the Sunshine State at the genesis of the zombie apocalypse is a turn of events you might not expect. Or, okay, maybe you would expect that. SEE ALSO: Florida student sco...