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Conservatives objected to Hannity being associated with the same conservative intellectuals he routinely disparages. The post NEVERMIND: Sean Hannity Won’t Be Receiving Media Excellence Award, After All appeared first on RedState.

Fox News snuck in some biting screen captions Tuesday as news about the GOP healthcare bill implosion unfolded.  And yes, we do mean Fox News - the network that has generally avoided negative stories about Trump and escaped his fake news wrath s...

Kellyanne Conway's latest Fox News appearance included a very bizarre bit with flash cards which she dubbed Fun With Words. SEE ALSO: Stephen Colbert predicts Donald Trump Jr.'s future using genius diagram Well, Stephen Colbert wants in on that fun.

This Donald Trump Jrstory is one that just won't quit, and Shep Smith continued to prove himself as Fox News' voice of reason today when he got wind of an eighth confirmed participant in Trump Jr.'s 2016 meetings with a Russian lawyer.  SEE ALSO...

Bumbling incompetence. The post VIDEO: Brit Hume Examines the ‘Keystone Cops’ Farce Starring Donald Trump Jr. appeared first on RedState.

He's following the usual protocol. The post Jason Chaffetz Already Has a New Gig appeared first on RedState.

Define "victim." The post Bill O’Reilly: Trump And I Are Victims (VIDEO) appeared first on RedState.