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He raised a lot of eyebrows today. Including, apparently, the executives at the network. The post Fox Begins Disavowing Geraldo Rivera appeared first on RedState.

Fox News host Neil Cavuto had a strong message for Trump last night, ending with the line, "Last time I checked, you are the president of the United States. Why don’t you act like it?” Cavuto was fed up with Trump after this week's twitter tan...

In a predictable twist, Sebastian Gorka, a former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump and reportedly a sworn member of a Nazi-allied party in Hungary, is joining Fox News. Fox News host Sean Hannity announced the hire on his radio show Wednesd...

Scalia's ideological twin. The post Media-Shy Clarence Thomas on with Laura Ingraham Tonight at 10 pm appeared first on RedState.

Not every Fox News employee is on board with how the network handles Trump-sensitive stories. The post Fox News’ Monday Russia Coverage Is Enough to Make Some Employees Dream of Quitting appeared first on RedState.

There is a difference between hard news and opinion. The post Seasoned Fox News Anchor Wants to Shut Down the Cries of “Fake News!” appeared first on RedState.

In the wake of multiple women coming forward to accuse movie producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson blamed Democrats for enabling his behavior, and called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to launch an investigat...