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Each year, The Philosopher’s Annual faces the daunting task of selecting the 10 best articles in philosophy published that year. For 2016, they’ve chosen two articles from journals published by Wiley: Shamik Dasgupta’s article “Metaphysical R...

There’s no question that research can change the world – and great research can come from scholars from any background and any academic discipline. Last year, Wiley launched the first Wiley Humanities Festival to explore the myriad ways that th...

In the spirit of trying to be more positive, and reviving my blog and passion for blogging (I seriously logged into my blog tonight and promptly forgot how to do half of the typical WordPress-backend stuff that seasoned bloggers click through without...

Very well explaine why their are lots of single ladies rigth now. Real or not but I think %80 how she discribed it in her tweets is real. Do you agree..?? :-p The post Reasons Why Lots of Ladies Are Single Via Tweets appeared first on Pinoy Big Blogg...

A dirty dilemma

By jenn.nu on Jul 6, 2017

Right now we’re facing one big homelessness-related hurdle we’re struggling to overcome – about seven garbage bags worth of dirty laundry we were unable to do at our house simply because with the abrupt loss of bankruptcy protection...


By Michael Gorey on Jul 4, 2017

Man enjoying a quick break in the morning.

The Kingston Foreshore on a morning where the temperature dropped to minus eight degrees.