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As the winter months approach, we start to think about the possibility of real winter weather; sheets of snow and ice blanketing the roads and pavements. Whether the idea of this makes you giddy with excitement or fills you with dread, everyone shoul...

I’m a consequentialist, so forgive me if I don’t spend a great deal of time parsing the meaning of ‘ethics matters’. I shall leave that task to ‘real’ philosophers. Ethics … Continue reading →...

Once again, The Philosopher’s Annual took on the task to choose the 10 best articles in philosophy published in 2015. We are very pleased they chose two articles from journals published by Wiley: Chiara … Continue reading →...

I’m coming back.

By jenn.nu on Oct 10, 2016 in: General, pictures

I’m coming back. I promise. I miss blogging, and Jenn.nu is in desperate need of a revamp. Hopefully I’ll be able to do both this week! ? I’m coming back. was published on Jenn.nu. Thank you for subscribing to Jenn.nu's RSS feed!

I’m still here.

By jenn.nu on Sep 26, 2016 in: General

I’m tired I’m anxious I’m depressed, but mostly I’m anxious I have trouble sleeping because of all of the above I’m scatterbrained I miss blogging I’m trying to make a comeback. ? I’m still here. was publis...

Thanks, Kizzy!

By jenn.nu on Sep 10, 2016 in: General

The lovely Kizzy recently held a beauty box giveaway for a box of full and deluxe sample beauty, hair, and skincare products – and I was the lucky winner! My prize arrived yesterday: (that’s Gizmo, Freyja’s brother, in the backgroun...

Recently Dan asked me why I have so much anger and contempt for my former PCP, but not my bariatric surgeon. After all, I ended up being physically harmed by both of them. His exact question was, “Why are you so angry at Dr. PCP, but not Dr. Ba...