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Officials suspect Russian origins.

Businesses are still coping with cyber-related data theft. The breaches at luxury retailer Neiman Marcus and discount retailer Target Corp. are now chapters in modern business archives. Financial services giant J.P. Morgan, office supplier Staples, a...

It's not too hard to defang the latest Internet threat.

It's not cute and cuddly, and it can bite.

Security researcher Andris Atteka discovered a way to see LinkedIn users that came to his blog page, and get their profile information as long as they were logged in when they did it. It serves as a good reminder: log out of social networks when you'...

The firm says the credentials were stolen from other services and just happen to work -- sometimes -- on the victims' Dropbox accounts as well.

Not content to manage the news updates and friend connections of its over one billion users, the long arm of Facebook is now reportedly preparing to enter the world of mobile payments According to a report from Techcrunch, Andrew Aude, a student deve...