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Infamous Internet troll and "iPad hacker" Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer will get out of jail early, after a circuit judge vacated his sentence on Friday. More than a year ago, Auernheimer was found guilty and sentenced to 3 and half years in prison for a...

Weev's conviction has been vacated! #freeweev— Tor Ekeland, P.C. (@TorEkelandPC) April 11, 2014 Andrew Auernheimer, a hacker and troll also known as weev, was released from prison tonight.

From the BBC:News International's head of security has told the phone-hacking trial that items he removed for safekeeping contained pornography belonging to another defendant, Charlie Brooks.Mark Hanna told the jury at the Old Bailey in London th...

A start-up that sells $799 subscriptions to recruiters is stocking its database with profiles that it obtained from LinkedIn by using an army of bots.

If you log onto Pinterest and see that one of your friends has suddenly developed a fixation with weight loss ads and butt pics like the ones below, don't click on the pins. Multiple accounts have been hacked over the last hour and flooded with spam.

The NSA has been conducting a sophisticated years-long operation against Chinese tech company Huawei, including hacking into its networks, and spying on the companies' top executives, according to reports based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

The latest Snowden leaks show the U.S. to be hacking China, which is hacking the U.S. Huawei is caught somewhere in the middle, along with various other companies.