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The Facebook founder went from talking up the metaverse to barely mentioning it at all. He only mentioned it twice in his note about Meta layoffs.

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How Game Of Thrones helps us understand the complex world of digital media and marketing.

"I'd tell you a joke about layoffs at Google, but I'm afraid I wouldn't have a job tomorrow," Bard said when asked to tell a joke about the layoffs.

Move aside, crypto — a new conference in San Francisco put a spotlight on the tech industry's new love: generative AI.

It didn't take long for the hype around Microsoft's new Bing to come off, as users drove it to the breaking point. But win or lose, it's still spurred Google to innovate.

Bill Gates told the BBC he's "not part of the problem" because he pays for carbon offsets and spends "billions of dollars on climate innovation."...