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Bishop George BerkeleyGeorge Berkeley: A Rock Is A Mental Perception. There Is No Matter. Only Mind and PerceptionsGeorge Berkeley (1685 –1753), known as Bishop Berkeley, was an Irish philosopher whose main theory he called "immaterialism" (later r...

New tools like the Kindle have led to an explosion of self-published books, but that has meant more competition for existing authors. How do they make money now? Writer Seth Godin says they first have to give up the idea that they deserve to be paid.

If you pay close attention to the streets of any city, you might notice the boxy, armored shields that house telephones. Yes! Phone booths still exist. Of course no one ever uses them because everyone has a cell phone but yet they still stand, like u...

The following opinion piece is one of a series of five being released this week and next to celebrate World Philosophy Day and to publicise the upcoming workshop entitled Editor’s Cut – A view of philosophical research from journal editor...