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How many times do experts have to be wrong before they are no longer experts? The post North Korea Continues to Move Toward Summit Meeting. Experts Hardest Hit appeared first on RedState.

Not a home run but definitely a solid base hit The post North Korea To Demolish Nuclear Test Site Before Trump Meeting appeared first on RedState.

This would be worth having happen just to watch the reaction The post President Trump? Nobel Laureate? appeared first on RedState.

Huge news from North Korea in advance of the North-South summit next week, and planned denuclearization talks with the U.S. President. (more…)...

Kim Jong Un secretly met with China's Xi Jinping in Beijing, an historic first visit by North Korea's leader. (more…)...

President Trump boldly announced last week that he would meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to talk disarmament, working to fulfill his recent State of the Union promise to prevent Pyongyang from obtaining nuclear missiles that could hit the U...

Don't fool yourself, this may be a disaster. The post Trump the Great Negotiator Will Get Nothing Done, and May Cause Harm, in His Meeting With Kim appeared first on RedState.