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Guess someone was going to do it. A Kim Jong-un impersonator went to greet North Korean cheerleaders at the Winter Olympics, and you can bet it caused quite the stir. SEE ALSO: Olympics volunteer could not be more unimpressed with winter games Only i...

Starvation is now gripping the North Korean military, and the people will suffer for it. The post North Korean Officials Order Troops to Steal Food from Rural Farmers in Desperate Bid to Feed Starving Military appeared first on RedState.

North Korea's Kim Jong Un shows no signs of backing down. The post North Korea to America: You Are Within Our Nuclear Strike Range appeared first on RedState.

North Korea's big brother isn't being so brotherly. The post China Is Continuing to Toss North Korea to the Dogs appeared first on RedState.

“Sorry, but only one thing will work!” The post Trump Tweets ‘Only One Thing Will Work’ to Solve North Korea Problem appeared first on RedState.

Rocket Man, purveyor of evil, has a large fan base in American progressives. The post The Left Embraces Madman Kim Jong-un as One of Their Own, United in their Hatred of Trump appeared first on RedState.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un's public war of words edged another notch closer to armageddon Thursday when the North Korean leader issued a fiery attack on Trump's UN address. In a long and personal statement published by North Korean news agency KCNA...