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One of the greatest musicians of our generation, Prince would have been 62 today....

Keshit Look-alike

By Aref-Adib on May 14, 2020

It’s very windy today in London. I’ve just spotted this broken branch which reminded me of the aerial view of Keshit Village in Kerman Province, Iran....

Zip in the Sky

By Aref-Adib on May 14, 2020


May Day

By Aref-Adib on May 1, 2020

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Tree of life

By Aref-Adib on Mar 16, 2020

I can see a Persian cypress in my Turkish coffee reading...

Fire and Water

By Aref-Adib on Mar 3, 2020

A police water cannon spraying disinfectant against the coronavirus in the street in Tehran & a scene from Mad Max....

Bouquet in Imperial Style by Boris Orlov 1988 at the Tate Modern and a toy peddler in Iran, 1964....