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Or is she just dumb?

The city of Hawthorne requested the Elon Musk's above-ground Hyperloop test tunnel be dismantled after it sat unused for six years.

She's practicing wellness by defending her tax bracket...

A People's Guide to Los Angeles, compiled by Laura Pulido, Larra R. Barraclough, and Wendy Cheng, was first published in 2012. The origins of this book were student projects organized in classrooms in California. A tourism manual to history from belo...

Ten years ago this month, the Space Shuttle Endeavour embarked on its 26th mission, a short trip through the streets of Los Angeles in route to its final home at the California Science Center. The 12-mile trip would take three slow-moving days and be...

Kevin De León compared the 2-year-old Black son of a white colleague to a prop handbag in leaked audio from a 2021 closed-door meeting.

The resignation notably did not include an apology to the specific ethnic and racial groups Martinez made disparaging comments about.