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AT&T and T-Mobile both claimed they were intent on preserving Cricket and MetroPCS's services when they made their respective acquisitions. But it looks like T-Mobile was the only one serious about it. Unlike AT&T’s disdain for Leap cu...

Verizon's 4G networks soon will start favoring customers who pay for mobile data by the gigabyte over customers who draw deeply from Verizon's unlimited plans. The new policies will only apply when the network gets crowded. Verizon will start restri...

As expected, Verizon added LTE service for its Allset prepaid plans on Tuesday. Previously, Verizon’s prepaid customers were stuck with sluggish data from its CDMA network. Prices are staying the same as before: the base plan, which includes u...

Verizon has scored the exclusive LTE model of Sony's Xperia Z2 tablet in the U.S. You can get special promotional pricing for this dust-resistant, waterproof full HD tablet, provided you agree to a new two-year contract with Verizon.

Gigaom spoke with Nvidia automotive guru Danny Shapiro about what Android Auto will look like and why the car won’t be the next front in the mobile OS war.

People who bought the more expensive LTE version of the Chromebook Pixel were promised at least two free years of 4G data. Now Verizon is canning that program a year early and Google is offering refunds.

Verizon promised 100 MB of free LTE service with the $1,449 Chromebook Pixel last year and now the deal is over as some are finding out the hard way. What was originally advertised as a two-year deal abruptly ends after just 12 months.