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Romney looked to be a shoe-in but has to get past another Republican, first. The post Mitt Romney Fails To Win GOP Nomination in Utah; Will Face A Primary Challenger appeared first on RedState.

Dr. Robert Jeffress seems to have interchangeable morals. The post BUSTED: Robert Jeffress Is a Whitewashed Tomb (and This 2008 Video Proves It) appeared first on RedState.

 There are those (especially on the right) who would consider it ludicrous to think that the United States Secretary of State was picked by Putin, and only rubber-stamped by Donald Trump. But it may not be such a ridiculous proposition. Consider...

Oh, nooooes. The post MAGA Freakout: Trump Tweets Endorsement of…Mitt Romney? appeared first on RedState.

He's on the mend and likely ready for a Senate run. The post Mitt Romney Secretly Handles Medical Scare appeared first on RedState.

With Iranians taking to the streets in protest of their government this weekend, Americans of all stripes have been tweeting their support to those taking the risk of joining the crowds. The clear divide of how the right and left view the role of gov...