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Wild oysters used to populate America's coasts. Conservationists are trying to bring them back — not just for eating, but to save our coastlines, too.

The Louisiana State Bond Commission voted to temporarily halt a $39 million line of credit for a New Orleans power station needed to fight flooding.

Two college students founded one of Louisiana's only glass-recycling companies. They're turning glass into sand and using it for coastal restoration.

New Orleans drops thousands of Christmas trees into the bayou every year to try to fight coastal erosion and build back its shores.

Most cities would kill to host the Super Bowl, given the amount of revenue that it brings in, with hundreds of thousands of people coming to town for the Big Game. To put it into perspective, a Super Bowl typically generates between $300 and $500 mil...

There were more than 3,200 people on board the Norwegian Breakaway, which made stops in Belize, Honduras, and Mexico. All passengers were vaccinated.

Following the catastrophic flooding caused by Hurricane Ida, Amanda Huling returned to her drenched Slidell, Louisiana neighborhood to assess the damage. To her surprise, she spotted a dolphin swimming in the floodwaters. Video evidence above.