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Trump forgot that he was in the dark timeline where Obamacare was passed off a technicality. The post Trump Claims Obamacare Is Dead and Gone for Some Reason appeared first on RedState.

Not the best option but better than nothing The post Trump Administration Is About to Give ObamaCare the Planned Parenthood Treatment appeared first on RedState.

The new rollback of the ACA contraception mandate spells catastrophe. The post With Its Latest Decree, the Trump Administration Dooms Women Nationwide appeared first on RedState.

Within hours of the Trump Administration announcing two new rules that would allow businesses to opt out of offering their employees insurance that covers birth control, the attorney general for the state of California has filed a lawsuit to block th...

Under current law, most employer-sponsored health insurance plans have to include birth control coverage, but that will soon change, with the Trump administration announcing today that it is rescinding this requirement, allowing employers to decide w...

A hastily written health bill — with deep cuts to Medicaid and major hits to patient regulatory protections — ran into the same political problems as bills before it, and failed to garner enough support in the Senate. Republicans announce...

Republicans are scrambling to try and salvage one of their most notable campaign promises, but it seems to be all for naught. The post Graham-Cassidy: Not Technically Dead…but Yeah appeared first on RedState.