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Richmond TransitsRichmond Transits

A blog about Richmond upon Thames local issues by a local resident.

Mo "Mad Dog" StoneskinMo "Mad Dog" Stoneskin

Mad and wacky observational humour from the crazy mind of an ordinary bloke...

Teena in TorontoTeena in Toronto

It's all about me living in Toronto.

Sydney Bar ZineSydney Bar Zine

This is an independent guide to Sydney’s cocktail bars, pubs and clubs. O...


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"We haven't thought about COVID-19. It's really nice," says the owner of a bar in the perfectly-themed city of Dublin, Ohio.

The Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in St Albans, Hertfordshire, survived war, famine, and the Black Death but the financial damage from COVID-19 ended its run.

Piel Island is a 50-acre plot of land about a half mile off the northwest coast of England; you can get there by ferry, or, if the tides are right, by a sandwalk. The small island is home to the Shipp Inn, a castle from the 1300s, as well as seasonal...

Hospitality bookings are down by a third in December, suggesting Brits have voluntarily wound back social events despite not being under lockdown.


From The Daily Mash, 5 August 2020:TEACHERS have announced that they would be willing to relocate schools to pubs as a compromise to keep both open. As scientists warned that curbing coronavirus might mean closing pubs so schools can operate normall...

England's new curfew — designed to push down COVID-19 cases — is "another crushing blow" to struggling businesses, owners have said.