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As tu du feux?non mais j'ai du beurre de peanut.As tu du feux?non mais j'ai du beurre de peanut.

Life in the upper-laurentians, Quebec.


A Montreal/Ottawa mp3 blog, focusing on great music. No crap.


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The government is on alert ahead of the 2022 midterms. Experts say the possibility of the political climate igniting a civil war is remote — but not off the table.

How many more ways do I have to prove I'm human?

The waters of the Saguenay and the St. Lawerence have avoided great harm thanks to the cancellation of a massive natural gas facility in the area. People had been protesting the development for years and the government finally listened. The project w...

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PocketPills, which bills itself as the sole online pharmacy operating in Canada, has raised $7.35 million in new financing as it expands across the country. Through partnerships with insurers like Pacific Blue Cross the company provides co-insurance...