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Seems like this guy's name pops up every time there's a scandal. The post Trey Gowdy Hints Clinton Associate Sid Blumenthal May Have Been Source for Steele Dossier appeared first on RedState.

Russia's upcoming presidential election is already marked by scandal. The post In a Twist, Russia Accuses the U.S. of Interfering in Their Upcoming Election appeared first on RedState.

At the upcoming Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Secretary Tillerson reportedly felt it best not to give the boss' kid the appearance of too much power. The post The State Department Says “No” to Acting as Ivanka’s Supporting Staff i...

We’ll say it again – because it remains empirically true, and vitally important going forward. The biggest mistake Donald Trump has made and continues to make – is allowing so many Barack Obama and other assorted Swamp Creature holdover...

The U.S. government today said that Americans will be prohibited from traveling to North Korea because of an elevated risk of "long-term detention" in the country, where an American student was jailed last year while traveling there, and later died.

 According to new reports by Politico and Bloomberg, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson plans to merge or eliminate its cybersecurity office, long tasked with representing U.S. cyber interests abroad. The Office of the Coordination for Cyber Issu...

This began on President Obama's watch. The post Why Has The State Department Not Kept Track Of U.S. Foreign Aid? appeared first on RedState.