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Pinterest is launching a series of DEI programs after allegations of discrimination at the company prompted three shareholders to file suit.

"I stuck around long enough to see the termination notice go out, and then I logged off with a sigh of relief," says Rahkim Sabree.

The tech scion says the idea of work-life balance is a "debilitating phrase" and encourages workers to not view the two as a trade-off.

Annabelle King, 19, creates candy for her family's sweet shop, Sticky, which she promotes on TikTok. She told Insider about her daily routine.

The pomodoro technique is one of the most popular productivity hacks, but I found the method rigid and exhausting.

84% of workers report feeling more stressed throughout the holidays, and a good manager's support can make a world of difference.

Michael Dell started Dell computers from his dorm room. "At the core of success is curiosity, learning, and failure. You have to experiment," he says.